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Has anyone ordered a subscription box from Joliebox. I got a voucher code but just wanted to check whether it is easy enough to cancel if i don't want to continue after the first one.


sugarplum-589687 1366443278

If you get the month by month subscription you can cancel any time. Hope that helps.

inspainatlast 1366744980

Did you get it in the end? do you reckon it is worth the money?

candygirl-860353 1367074251

Yes, I got it, very good value at 50% off (6.50) I think I will get next months as well as some people said this month's collection was weak.

inspainatlast 1367227641

I have been looking on the website and it looks fun, so i'm gonna join. Do you have a recommendation code or something candygirl?

candygirl-860353 1367314083

I think if I send you a link I will get points for recommending you - will send a pm with the details!

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