natural remedy for joint pain?

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Now that the temperatures have dropped a little I am experiencing joint pain like every year and I'm fed up of it! Does anyone know of any natural remedies that would help.


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Have you seen a doctor for advice, they might be able to offer you painkillers if is making your life difficult.

candygirl-860353 1351627528

I have been to the docs in the past but no real solution. Have seen something about blue lipped mussels, does anyone know about that?

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For years I suffered with pain and lack of movement in my knees. I took Glucosamine doubl;e strength tablets from Holland & Barrett. I am sure these type of tablets are available from any Pharmacy or Health Shop here in the Costa Brava. I was delighted with the result and continued to take them for some time after the pain had gone and the movement restored. Now the only thing that pains me is a day when the sun don't shine.

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Thanks for the info on Glucosamine, I will do some more reading up and have a look out for it in the shops. I will try anything to get rid of this pain!

inspainatlast 1352281985

You could try using some warming aromatherapy oils for a massage in the affected areas, I have found that helpful for knee pain in the past.

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I have a friend who swears that drinking a large glass of fresh mixed fruit and veg juice daily has eased her aches and pains - worth a try?

candygirl-860353 1352713595

Thanks for your continued suggestions and advice. Inspainatlast - do you have any suggestions of speciific oils to help? And Bullterrier, does your friend have a juice recipe they'd like to share?

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