Really good sunscreen?

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I keep reading advice that we should be applying sunscreen every day, but when I went to the farmacia to buy some, I found that the choice was quite limited and the one I ended up buying leaves a white layer on my skin, then greasy marks on clothing. So, what I'd like to ask is what sunscreen do you recommend?


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I had some sunscreen from the Spanish brand Interapothek and was impressed with it, fairly reasonable price too.

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Hi, I use Mercadona own make 'Deliplus'. I find all their products really good and reasonably priced too!

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Thanks for the suggestions. I am a bit hesistant buying from Mercadona these days as I read somewhere that they are sourcing a lot of products which were previously manufactured in Spain, outside the country.

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Another brand for you to look at is Green People. You can order their products online.

Do you have the link to the info about mercadona by the way? 

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Hi, thanks again, I will look at Green People products too. 

Unfortunately I can't find the link about mercadona now, If I find it I will send it to you...

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I was out on the beach today and I noticed this couple from Germany that came to the area on holidays 3 days ago, When I met them the first day they were the usual white skinned. When I met them today 3 days later they were both the colour of mahogany. I would not have recognoised them till they said hello to us. Now what I want to know is, what sort of cream are they using ?

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Some people still spray themselves with oil, and they'll go brown quick but are doing awful damage to their skin. There are also tablets that you can get these days that help you tan more quickly! Or maybe that couple just went and got a spray tan ;-)

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I think it was a Spanish site that I found the info about Mercadona.As I mentioned they are replacing nearly 2,000 of their products that were manufactured in Spain with products from elsewhere - including olive oil and mussels... I will show my support to the local economy by buying local!

Back to the sunscreen - I found the Interapothek stuff, so i got one of them to try, and ordered a green people one online.

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