Tap Water is it Safe?

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Is the tap water here safe, some people told us it was, can anyone confirm or clear this for us?


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It depends if its Well water or communal mains water, mains is treated but I would not drink it unless it was boiled, Well water should be good as wells are tested but check locally first.

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Water is so cheap to buy here, not like in the UK. An average 5 litres of water in the supermarkets costs from as littel as 50 cents, depending on the make. Better to be safe than sorry.


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Interesting that water to buy was as little as .50c for 5 lt. exactly 6 years ago to the day. Even more interesting is that you can still buy it for as little as .50c for 5 lt now. So how does everything else compare in price to 6 years ago. Diesel is cheaper now, prices in the pub are the same or cheaper now, electrical goods are much cheaper now, supermarket prices are also cheaper. Is Figueres the best value city in Catalunya ? What do you think bigben, candygirl, sheep n chickens, rambling around etc. etc. - and not to forget richfish ? I am so missing all the old (I know you are not old candygirl) posters.            Edward        - am I the last one still alive ?

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I said I wasn't going to post again but with such a warm invitation!!!!!!

The water that comes from the mains is better than some parts of the UK (including Scotland and I'm Scottish). It is from the Pyrennes and is well treated and monitored. However it tends to be high in calcium scale so you get a build-up in your kettle. We drink bottled water for the taste but use tap water for coffee and all cooking.

There are a couple of exceptions. If the property is out in the sticks it may not be on mains supply so check it out. Also, there are some buildings that have water tanks on the roof. This harks back to the days when supply was irregular. So if the water has been sitting in a tank in the heat of summer it's best to use bottled water. This applies to buildings of 30 years or more.

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I drink tap water mainly. From the mains. No problem

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