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We are travelling to Puerto Rico later this year and understand that some vaccinations are recommended. Does anyone know how we got about arranging these through the doctors here? We are registered in the local system but also have a private health policy.


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Go or contact Santa Catarina Hospital in Salt, Girona who have a department specialised in vacinations for travalers. You have to pay for the vacinations and advice (dont remember how much, 35.00 Euros I think) but the department is comprehensive. Do suggest however you study the World Health Authority and British government health website for travelers so you are aware of what our guys would recomend and dont let them sell you short especially with Malaria pills as need be.  You need to book an appointment for a future date as it is not a walk in centre and some vacs, are double shot and you need a lead time on them taking effect, but better than nothing and depends on where you go and what you are doing.


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Thank you very much for your very useful answer, I will do as you suggest! 

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