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Hello all,  A friend in Cadaques has asked me to teach Yoga and / or Pilates weekends in Cadaques.  Im just doing a little market research into it and wonder if you have a few moments to help? i live in France, so I cannot provide a weekly class as yet, but may do in the summer. 1.  Would any of you be inetersted in attending a wekend or week- long training in Cadaques? 2.  If so would you prefer Yoga or Pilates, or a mix? 3. If you decided to take part, would you prefer to have lunch provided for you, or to eat out in any of the many low-cost eateries in Cadaques? 4.  If you decided to stay in Cadaques, is shared acommodation ,with one other person of the same gender,appealing, or would you prefer a single room? I just love Cadaques, and I love teaching Yoga, Meditation and Pilates.  So. I want to know if it would be a worth while venture Thanking you in advance. Susan Church


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Hi, I'd be very interested in a 2 or 3 day course in either Yoga or Pilates, preferably not in the main season, maybe before or after the kids school holidays, lunch provided would be good and then eat out in the evening for those who want to. And a single room may be better if I want to make new friends, I can be rather untidy! I know a couple of other people who would be interested too, although like everything, it would depend on the price.

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Thanks so much for your reply.  

We are planning them out of season, and I am so aware of cost being a huge factor in this climate.

We are at the very early stages yet, but I really hope to have something to offer very soon.

By the way- I have 15 years teaching experience in both yoga and Pilates, and own my own school, so the tuition will be of a high quality, for all levels.

I will be in touch.

Susan Church

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Hi Susan

I am a practicing Nutritionist who also enjoys yoga - would you be interested in coming further down the Costa Brava coast to St. Antoni ?


I would possibly be interested in any Yoga courses you do - and Pilates...Joan

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Hi Pashamama,

Yes, I would be interested to come further down the coast.

We are busy selling a house in France at the moment, and tied up with that.  The Costa Brava holidays will not happen until September, but I would love to know more about where you are based, as we will be visiting Costa brava in April, and Im sure again in the summer.

Are you on the coast?  and how far away from an airport?


Best Regards,



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Hi Susan

We are about 2 k from a lovely beach and our closest town is the Port of Palamos - we live in the hills of Calonge.  Our closest airport is Girona 30 minutes away...  

We are off travelling South America for 8 weeks and will be back sometime in September so the fall seems a good time...

Let me know if you have any workshops as I would be interested and possibly some friends...


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