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I'm looking for a good dentist in the Girona area - Nick JOnes has been recommended to me as being brilliant - has anyone used him and can give me some feedback? thanks

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Has anyone ordered a subscription box from Joliebox. I got a voucher code but just wanted to check whether it is easy enough to cancel if i don't want to continue after the first one.

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Anyone tried this new-fangeled 5:2 diet and had positive results?

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I have been reading about the alexander technique to help back pain and wondered if anyone has any experience with it at all? Also, if there are any practicioners over here?

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My neighbour has limited ability in her hands due to arthritis, does anyone know of somewhere here that sells tools to help turn taps and open jars and so on? I know I have seen these things for sale in UK but not here!

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Back in UK, I used to go to the local beauty training school for discount manicures, facials and so on. Does anyone know if anywhere here does this sort of thing?

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Has anyone seen rosemary essential oil for sale here?

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Our pooch has sensitive skin and we heard that there are some brands of dog food which are nutritionally designed to help with skin conditions. Can anyone recommend a brand that they have tried for their dogs?

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Just wanted to put a recommendation here for Sunglassics (http://www.sunglassics.com/) ordered a pair of sunnies from them on Sat and they were delivered on Tuesday. Good  sturdy packaging and excellent rapid service.

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Back in the UK i used to buy a shampoo designed to protect and enhance hair colour (think it was from boots) there were specific champoos and conditioners for red, blonde and brown hair, does anyone know of a similar product available here?

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Hello all,  A friend in Cadaques has asked me to teach Yoga and / or Pilates weekends in Cadaques.  Im just doing a little market research into it and wonder if you have a few moments to help? i live in France, so I cannot provide a weekly class as yet, but may do in the summer. 1.  Would any of you be inetersted in attending a wekend or week- long training in Cadaques? 2.  If so would you prefer Yoga or Pilates, or a mix? 3. If you decided to take part, would you prefer to have lunch provided for you, or to eat out in any of the many low-cost eateries in Cadaques? 4.  If you decided to stay in Cadaques, is shared acommodation ,with one other person of the same gender,appealing, or would you prefer a single room? I just love Cadaques, and I love teaching Yoga, Meditation and Pilates.  So. I want to know if it would be a worth while venture Thanking you in advance. Susan Church

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can anyone recommend a good brand of hairdye to apply at home?

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I have just started to get over the flu, but feeling really low and weak still. Does anyone know what I can do to get myself feeling up to speed again? Is there anything specific I should get to eat and drink?

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My skin has gone very dry recently - any suggestions of products or recommendations of treatments please?

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i've been looking for a yoga class in or near l'escala.....and can't find one!  anyone know of a yoga class, preferably in english and not too expensive???  thanks!

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Now that the temperatures have dropped a little I am experiencing joint pain like every year and I'm fed up of it! Does anyone know of any natural remedies that would help.

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does anyone know where to buy ghd straighteners?

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Finally stopped smoking (I say stopped - it's been a year and a half now and the cravings have well and truely gone). For anyone wanting to do the same I recommend finding a bioresonance practitioner. In about 45 minutes plugged into it, you're cured. Did mine down in the Costa Blanca and don't know if it's possible here, but if you want to quit, this is by far the easiest way. Hope that helps someone else.

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has anyone had these done over here? if so, could you let me know what you thought and if they looked good

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I accidently bent my thumb backwards yesterday while working outdoors and it is still really painful today. Should I bandage it up or is it better to try and keep my hand moving?

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