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My wife is searching for a shop/online store where she can buy a reasonably priced pair of boots - any suggestions?

started by: peregrine-860349 · last update: 1346661799 · posted: 1344103743

Does anyone know of any crossfit training sessions on the go here?

started by: Stevo-859570 · last update: 1345494039 · posted: 1342047071

Favourite perfumes please ladies. I would also like to find that fine line between class and value for money if at all possible.

started by: candygirl-860353 · last update: 1342519798 · posted: 1342251417

Has anyone seen any crackle nail polish or someone who does manicures with crackle effects over here?

started by: inspainatlast · last update: 1338364405 · posted: 1338288466

The temperature seems to be rising rapidly, lets share best tips for staying cool and hydrated! I have found that carrying a small bottle of water in my bag is a good idea as it reminds me to keep drinking when I'm out and about.

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Has anyone seen bach flower remedies(or similar) for sale over here?

started by: peregrine-860349 · last update: 1337813484 · posted: 1337767668

Has anyone seen Dax Wax for sale over here?

started by: candygirl-860353 · last update: 1337335680 · posted: 1337161806

Bit of a girly topic, but just wondering if any ladies can suggest interesting things to do with long hair to keep it out of the way in the summer. I usually wear a ponytail but thats a bit boring!

started by: Georgedoors · last update: 1336205545 · posted: 1304014782

Does anyone know of a really good fake tan cream, I don't mind paying for an expensive one if it works! Or, is there a secret to applying it - I'm fed up with streaky feet!

started by: emeraldalp · last update: 1335628441 · posted: 1335628441

Is it correct that you now need a Doctors cert to buy Lipitor since Jan 1.Before it was just purchase over the counter

started by: Kissinkerry · last update: 1324383140 · posted: 1308912501

Where can I get some over here I want some boots and some slippers.

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Hi Im a therapy tutor looking for venues in Costa Brava to hold courses at. Ideally, somwhere with good public transport links, big enough for 8 people with two therapy couches available. Courses are usually held on Saturdays and Sundays.

started by: horses-859377 · last update: 1315349758 · posted: 1314193772

Hi I live in Cassa de la Selva and I am looking for classes in yoga, pilates and zumba or dancing. I dont mine travelling Thanks

started by: James-860004 · last update: 1314375652 · posted: 1313769630

I am delighted to see that many of Angloinfo members are living in and around Figueres. We are moving over there in a few weeks time. There are many things that we will be seeking advice on. To begin with we are both seniors and would like to know what medical facilities are available for seniors in Costa Brava and if we need to sign up for this. We are Salvador Dali fans and would like to hear from others of a like mind. We enjoy the information available through the forum.

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Any tips on how to quit? I keeps stopping then starting a few days later.

started by: Georgedoors · last update: 1304428913 · posted: 1302120499

Does anyone know of a good personal trainer or a nutritionist in the Figueras/Roses area? Even better would be one that speaks English! Thanks

started by: Maggie G-859735 · last update: 1295460120 · posted: 1293898243

I'm looking for a salon on the Costa Brava to have Botox, maybe fillers and cosmetic peel. Can anyone recommend a good place please? Thanks Maggie G

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L'Estartit Club De Baile is a non-profit association founded 2004. Learn to dance Country Line Dance every Tuesday night in L'Estartit. A fun way to keep fit in 2011.

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Has anyone had the surgry that corrects the eyesight here in Spain? does it hurt and is there a risk?

started by: Kissinkerry · last update: 1292235724 · posted: 1291904673

Having never considered this before, how much is medical insurance for a fit 30something? Approximately. Thanks.

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