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Can I go too a local doctors and dentists ?.iF so what do they charge in N spain. Do I need too bring any docs

started by: Goober-859554 · last update: 1287482256 · posted: 1287429091

I have what I think to be a mosquito bite from one of those infernal Tiger mozzies. Surely it's off-season by now isn't it!? Anyone know what to do to ease the irritation?

started by: daisy22-859365 · last update: 1286999257 · posted: 1286661156

On a recent holiday in the Costa Brava I bought from one of the supermarkets some pink waxy ear plugs, in a round container. They are absolutely brilliant, shut out most noise and don't have a bad effect on the poor ears but, my problem is that I don't know who they are made by so I wondered if someone could get the manufacturer so that I can try and order online. As I was on holiday I threw away the packaging. I don't live in Spain so it would be difficult for me to find this out, I've tried to google but what I need doesn't come up. Grateful for any help or information.

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I have had some bad experiences with hair dressers and I am considering a mobile hairdresser to visit me at home. Can anyone recommend a good one please!

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Looking to buy my partner some perfume. I want it to be youthful, fruity, sexy and wild - just like her!Any suggestions?

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I will be over in the pals area and will need a Dentist ,anybody a good one? what do the charge?

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Does anybody know where and who is the best to do a breast enlargement. Is it better to go to Girona ?Any help or advise

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Does anyone know if I can buy Virgin Vie products here, or can I have some things sent from England at a reasonable price? And before anyone makes any wise cracks (Brennie), I am female! Thanks

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Can anybody recommend a good cheap private healthcare scheme. We are a couple who live permantly here in Spain. We are not at pensionable age and cannot get any state healthcare. We live near Bascara and our local doctors do not recognise any private healthacre schemes, so we shall have to find another doctors who will accept private healthcare- maybe L'Escala or surronding areas.

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I have these symptoms, do I have swine flu? I feel awful, Fever Sore Throat Nasal Cough Respiratory Problems Body Aches What should I do??

started by: Gail Mcrane · last update: 1264973566 · posted: 1264024335

I have come to the Costa Brava, and left my tablets at home, I am out here for a minimum of three months and if things work out will stay through summer, can I get a prescription from a local doctor here?

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My Partner has been diagnosed with Parkinsons, we thought it was just nerves, but it grew worse. Are there any support groups here, or is there any groups assisting each other with respite care and help?

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Happy Autumn to everyone tonight. At 11.30 pm tonight its officially Autumn an d is celebrated in Spain, If you are going to anyones home for this festival dinner. Take sugar coffe and rice with you, it brings luck to the home and the homeowners for the coming cold seasons and end of the year.

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When I lived in the UK I went to belly dancing classes. It was good for keeping fit and I really enjoyed it. Does anyone know if there are any classes here?

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My freind and I were attacked at night in Corfu, we are older people not young revellers, we thought that we were over it. But have noticed a growing fear of going out at night, making excuses for not going to invites etc. Sleepless nights etc. I have tried Herbal Teas and suchlike. Can anyone give us where to go for advice or advise us personally. Xin

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Spoke to my sister back home and the family are all really worried, as apparently a local school in Glasgow was shut late June due to an outbreak of swine flu - she feels it's getting closer.

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Am looking for some advice as to how women get their regular health checks here. Have been here over two years and was due a regular smear test before I left the UK, but with all the excitement about moving here, I never kept my appointment. Do you register with a local doctor and pay, or do you need to get a Health Insurance policy and then go to the local hospital? Just a niggling thought at the back of my mind. Can anyone advise?

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Hi there, does any one know where I can get antihistamine tablets for hayfever at a reasonable cost. Am suffering badly, but at the local farmacy it's almost 5 euros for a packet for seven days and could prove a big expense, as I normally suffer most of the summer months..........

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Anyone heard any more about this swine flu? It seems to be spreading everywhere at a great rate and yet there is very little coverage on the news any more. I heard the alert level had been increased, but I can't seem to get any information. Any ideas?

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