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3 bed house UK swap place in Spain ,my location Sunderland

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Hi, we are looking for a place to rent  from Dec 10th to Jan 10th , 1 bedroom would be ok. also we have 3 elderly dogs (well behaved )any ideas

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Hello,My husband and I are thinking of investing in an appartment in Spain (we live in Normandy, France) it would just be a holiday rental. I wondered if anyone else has experience of doing this and anything to look out for or bear in mind. We like the area of Empuriabrava.Any info is very welcome,Thanks in advance,Lian

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We are professional house/pet sitters with excellent references and do not charge for our services. We are registered on all the major house sitting websites. We've been house/pet sitting for over 4 years now and run an online business from the homes we care for in addition to: Pet sitting, Pool/House Maintenance, Light Gardening, Security, Mail Collection etc. We prefer assignments that are 4-6 months or longer and are currently booking Fall/Winter 2016 and Spring/Summer 2017. Message me for information.Thanks for your consideration!Sincerely,Laura

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Recently moved to the region and currently working on my garden. I would like grow lawn in the garden (size of approx 20m2) but have been advised it's too expensive to maintain considering  irrigation costs. Is this true and what are my options? Not looking for a super duper looking grass in this particular area of the garden but more of a wild look. Would appreciate advice soon on this matter as I am trying decide on the way to go by next week. Thanks. 

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Just discovered segundamano.es which is a bit like Gumtree. So I've put lots of things in for sale. So for made over 500 euros. It's great fun and it really is time to shift some of the "trastos". You can see my bits and pieces under Palamos.

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Hello - We are thinking of going away for a month later this year and I'm not keen on leaving the house empty for such a long time. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I don't want to run the risk of coming back to find everything has been stolen. Has anyone here used a house-sitter for situations like ours and how did you find the right person to do the job? Also, what would be typical in terms of remuneration? Looking forward to hearing from you all.

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We want to redo our shower room, new w.c.,sink, shower area and new tiles on walls and floors.We also need a extractor fan put in. The room is small, approx 3m x 1.5m. We have had a quote for 6900 euros and thought it was rather high. Any opinions?

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hi does anyone know of a reliable cleaning company in the S'Agaro area ? We would need someone to come  in and clean on listed Saturday's between 10-4 pm and from April-October 2016 , take away linen, towels to be washed etc and return them .  Many thanks  Una   

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We would like to refurnish our house, slowly in the next year and find the cost of transporting sofa's and wardrobes from Barcelona, where we have seen loads of things we like to Pals prohibitive. Looking for nice furniture shops from Palamos to Figueres, any ideas or recommendations?

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We will be coming over in a couple of months but will be staying in a small rental before we move into our house. We will need to keep some stuff in storage, can anyone recommend a place in Girona?

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We've been thinking of setting up a (wildlife) pond and wondered if anyone reading the forums has experience of doing this. Information on size, depth, plants..anything welcome. Obviously, i've googled a lot, but theres nothing better than hearing from someone who has "done it themselves".  

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I had an old barrel as decoration in my house but have found that the metal ring on the base has left some rusty marks on the floor tiles underneath. I've tried scrubbing with hot water and bleach but it didn't have much of an effect. Can any of the forum readers offer an idea of what I can use to get the marks off?

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I have seen a few bonfires going before before I light mine, I thought I'd check - it is officially allowed now?

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Does anyone know if there is a product that we can paint outdoor furniture (just the basic white plastic stuff you see everywhere) that will make it look less shabby and hopefully last longer?

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We are moving from South Girona to North Girona, and wondered if anyone could recommend a good removals company.

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I'm renovating a fireplace and there are some rather charming old tiles around it that I thought it would be nice to rescue and use in the garden in a decorative feature. Any ideas on how to get as many off as possible without breaking them?

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Can anyone recommend a company for giving a quote to supply and fit a stairlift?

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Iam looking to tile over the old floor tiles in my apartment around 90m in size They have passed their sell my date. Has anybody done the same? If so any ideas and help ? Iam looking for a good tiler, who speaks english and will not charge a arm and leg .   We are in  Pals we are not too far from Estartit.  

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HI everyone, I hope you are having a good summer. We have a house near Beget and want to buy an above ground swimming pool. I wondered if anyone has seen any good bargains not too far from us? sarahnik

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