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House for sale? Wishing to Go Back to the UK? Want to return "home"? Many have taken the leap to move to France and Spain but now want to return for numerous reasons. Speak with like-minded people and share informative posts on Going Back to the UK. What people are saying about us: "Going Back to the UK is perfect for anyone planning to sell up and go back to the UK. The information given just about covers everything an expat needs to know but also about going back and getting back into the British way of doing things" "This is a fantastic group. The members are so supportive of each other and an abundance of information is available for those who wish to go back to the UK. Highly recommended". "Brilliant group, made many new friends and received lots of useful advice and information from various discussions on line. Really useful to those thinking of returning home.  Great support offered from a friendly bunch of like-minded people" https://www.facebook.com/groups/GoingBackToTheUK/

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So ! Who will form the next government with the SNP ?

started by: marino-975740 · last update: 1426867946 · posted: 1426543459

Ed announced today  that he will not go in with SNP. David will not go with SNP or ukip. LibDems will not go ukip. Nobody even mentioned the Welsh or Irish Parties. Now taking all this into account there will be no government after 7th May unless someone is telling porkies. now who could that be Ed ?

started by: marino-975740 · last update: 1426867911 · posted: 1425824402

In just over eight weeks on May 7th the general election is being held in the UK. What do you think of the performances of David and Nick and that of Ed. Where is the UK at since the last election ? Will ukip get more than four or five seats ? It looks impossible that the conservatives or labour will get anywhere near a majority and the lib dems look like a beaten docket. So what about the SNP, looks like they will be around the fifty seats. So Robert, your lads will have unbelieveable influence in the next parliament ? On the other hand do any of you give a fiddlers about the election ? Do any of you give a fiddlers about anything ?

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There were some good posts before the summer about the referendum, haggis and Rabbie Burns. Take a look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChAMJurEQRE

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OMG richfish, you must be the proud man. The Blades in Wembley tomorrow, on their way to the FA Cup Final. These red and white wizards are what football dreams are made of. These men of steel that rose above the cream of the premership and the championship. Richard, just to get you into the mood for tomorrow why not sing a bar of this song. As you know sung to the air of ''Annies Song''  You Fill Up My Senses, Like A Gallon Of Magnet, Like A Packet Of Woodbines, Like A Good Pinch Of Snuff, Like A Night Out In Sheffield, Like A Greasy Chip Butty, Like Sheffield United, Come Fill Me Again, Na Na Na Na Na...OOOOHH! And afterwards you might allow us poor Spurs supporters from Figueres to join you in a celebration - come what may. Come on you red and white wizzards.

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We're an Anglo-American couple who began our European travels on 16 May. Thus far, we've spent time in Hay-on-Wye, Wales (during the Hay literary festival), Lille, Paris, Fontainebleau and Vichy, the latter having been a two-month stay at a lovely campsite just outside of town, in Abrest. We're traveling in the spirit of Lao Tzu's suggestion that, "A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving". In other words, we're traveling without set destination, timetable or return date. That said, we would like to continue our travels through France and onwards to Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey. We're also documenting our travels via our respective websites (http://MindfulLivingGuide.com and http://MufidahKassalias.com). Mufidah also maintains a separate website for her Mac Made Easy tuition services (http://MacMadeEasy.biz). To help us to continue traveling on a shoestring, we're looking for: 1) house/pet sitting and 2) work opportunities, anywhere in France, particularly enroute between Vichy/Auvergne and Burgos/Spain. We both have countless professional and vocational skills which can quickly be gleaned via our respective websites. And we're both good cooks, enjoy traveling to new places, meeting new folk, learning languages, etc. If you can offer any such opportunities as noted above — or know someone who might be interested — we'd greatly appreciate your contacting us by replying to this discussion topic. THANK YOU in advance for your help. With warm regards, Sean & Mufidah

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Can anyone confirm if the website www.liverpoolfc.tv is working on their computers please? It doesn't display properly on mine. Thanks

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Dear Expatriates, I am writing my diploma thesis at the department of Work and Organizational Psychology of Bielefeld University, Germany. In this context I am arranging an online survey about the relations between expatriate effectiveness, job satisfaction, adjustment, personal goals and problem solving abilities. Participants need to be working expatriates during their time abroad. The success of my research depends on the number of people participating in this survey. So I would be very glad, if you could manage to take approximately 30 minutes to participate. To get reliable data, this research consists of two parts. These are going to be realized in a time interval of 4 weeks. If you agree to join in the second part, we will ask you for your email-address to automatically send an email with a reminder and the link to the second questionnaire. You will find additional information at the end of the first survey. We kindly ask you to respond to the second part, because reliable data depends significantly on the number of participants in this second wave. All data is treated confidentially and we will make the data anonymous as soon as possible, that is removing all personal data and email-addresses. This is warranted by Dipl.-Psych. Hannah Voigt (research fellow and faculty member at Bielefeld University) and Cand.-Psych. Janik Kühn (psychology student at Bielefeld University). All data is used for academic purposes only. If you want to support our research even further, please send this questionnaire to other expatriates you know. This would assist us greatly, since every single participant will ensure the findings of our research and possible implications in practice. Please follow this link to the online questionnaire: http://bit.ly/expatriate_effectiveness If you want to cancel the questionnaire, just close your browser - no data will be used. Thank you for your interest in participating in this study and your willingness to support our research. Janik Kühn Bielefeld University, Germany

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Anyone watching the qualifiers? Whose your favourite so far. I really liked Georgia and Norway from Tuesday but tonight they've not been very good. I'm routing for 'Jedwood'!

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I would be very interested in starting a thread here in the forum on how to make money selling online. What to sell. How to get best results. Can we all share our ideas. Anyone with experience ? How to get started. Using keywords and ad words. Emailing. Most of us have time on our hands so it seems like a good idea for us expats living in Costa Brava. How do you get the ball rolling ? Is it better to sell services or goods ? Please keep the discussion honest and legal.

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So little Ireland have beaten the English in cricket. Now Ireland have beaten (embarrassed) England in rugby. The Queen is moving to Dublin in May, and so is Obama. What is going on ? Is it all happening in Ireland, or what ?

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Today let us remember the people in Japan and the other countries affected by the earthquakes. When we think we have problems they fade away at the sight of the devastating TV pictures. Let us spare a thought for the families and friends of the victims. Let us say a prayer that the end results are not as bad as it appears.

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Now that England have finally qualified from their group how do we feel they will do in the World Cup. I think that after they beat Germany this weekend anything can happen. At this stage half the better teams will be gone and England could go all the way. Do any of you think footballers are under paid ? What about the mess in France ? And they are all such nice sporting lads.

started by: Brennie-858316 · last update: 1274123469 · posted: 1271348453

What a difference 3 days make. Only last Sunday my beloved Spurs were beaten by Portsmouth in the semi-final of the FA Cup. Last night they turned the other cheek and came away smiling - well actually they came away laughing - in fact no words could explain how happy Spurs and their supporters were after they beat Arsenal last night in the Premiership. It has been 10 years, 7 months, 1 week and 3 days since Spurs beat their bitter rivals in the league. If you think I am happy about this then you would be wrong. I am in fact ecstatic. To quote that learned Scotsman Alex Ferguson ''I am over the moon'' ''COME ON ALL YOU SPURS''

started by: Brennie-858316 · last update: 1271087178 · posted: 1270822852

Now that it is coming close to the end of the football season it might be a good time to discuss who you think might win what. I support Spurs and Hull in England, Celtic in Scotland, Barca in Spain and Figueres in Costa Brava. Tomorrow the match - el classico - that might decide the winners of La Liga is being played in Madrid between Barca and not so Real Madrid. I think Barca have hit a great vein of form at the right time and that they will retain the Champions League and La Liga. Spurs are in a dog fight for 4th place in the Premiership. I think they might just get 4th and qualify for next years Champions League - so Barca watch out - only joking. Spurs should beat Portsmouth on Sunday in the Cup semi-final and will probably beat Chelsea - who are playing Aston Villa tomorrow in the cup - in the final next month. Hull are struggling at the bottom of the league and things are looking not so good for them. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will not be relegated this year. FR. Shea a little prayer from you here might not go astray. Celtic god help us even with Robbie Keane are very poor this year. Under very difficult circumstances Rangers have put a great season together and are certainties for the SPL. What do you think Sherwood about the football in Scotland. You might even mention the Scottish rugby seen as they messed up the Triple Crown for Ireland. So this only leaves UE Figueres, probably my favourite team. They are having a great season and look like they will win their league and get promotion again for the 3rd year in a row. Figueres were in the Spanish 2nd division not that many years ago but were taken over by new owners. In the space of one year things went very sour and they were demoted to the lowest league not only in Spain but in Catalunya. If anyone is interested this is a great story for another day. Getting out to support your local team in Costa Brava is a great way of meeting local fans. It is so different than at home where the weather for supporters is brutal. So now then, what do you think of the teams I support ? Who do you support and how will the do this year ? What do you think of getting out to support your local Costa Brava team ? What other sports are you into ? Let off your sporting steam here.

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World Cup Soccer 2010 - Gorgeous 3 bedroom cluster homes for rentin top Northern Suburbs (Fourways/Bryanston/Magaliessig/Lonehill) Houses Specifications are as follows: Exclusive cluster home in secure and private estate. 3 double bedrooms (rooms can be changed from double beds to twin rooms as and when required) 2 sleeper couches in the lounge room as well - house sleeps very comfortably 6 to 10 people. Open plan lounge / dining room Kitchen 2 bathrooms Wireless internet Private garden with barbeque facilities Fully furnished with all mod cons - including big screen television with satellite to view all games and all other channels, linen, towels and the like. All utility bills i.e. electricity, water, gas. Additional services/facilities included in price: Pool in the estate 5, 9 or 14 seater vehicle. Full access to i25 and all their services & facilities, including free membership for the month to all guests. All international & local airport transfers Each room has its own safe and is lockable. Full time maid – 7 days a week. This service includes all cleaning, washing, ironing and the like. 24 hour armed response team. 24 hour on-call i25 agent assigned to each property for all your requirements. One month rental: €192 a night per room (based on 3 bedrooms) additional guests are €35 pnpp (exchange rate base R10: €1) Please contact us for further information info@i25.co.za

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Desperately need xmas pudding, crackers etc, does anyone know anyone coming out that can bring them? Just learnt that I am hosting Xmas dinner, normally on my own, but new partner has insisted I have it at mine. Shes right of course.

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How do people feel about the extradition of Gary McKinnon? the BBC said this...... http://uk.news.yahoo.com/4/20090731/tuk-british-ufo-hacker-loses-extradition-dba1618.html

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The death of Micheal Jackson, is a terrible loss, but he will live on in song, and in the memories of those who grew up with him. He had great style, rythm and musical genius.

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