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Hi, does anybody know where I could get a kitten or an adult cat needing a home , please ?

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Can anyone give a definitive answer to the rules and regulations on holidaying in the Palafrugell area with a pedigree staffordshire bull terrier...not a pit bull...a staffordshire. Everything on Google appears to be pre 2012.Someone must know if Staffordshires are still on the dangerous dog register in Spain.If so, off to Italy we go.....

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Help is needed to rescue a Beagle female that has been found by a spanish resident in Murcia.  The lady does not want to take the dog to a spanish pound and the microchip has been read by a vet and the dog called Daisy is registered in France.  Les Amis des Animaux France are trying to contact the Societe Centrale Canine with the microchip details to try to identify the owners.If anyone is aware of a family who may has lost their dog whilst on holiday please send a text to this french mobile     0780443700   or contact LesAmis des Animaux France via facebook. Alternatively can you please put the Association in touch with dog rescuers in Spain to ensure this little dog does not end up in the pound and at risk of euthanasia.Thankyou to the spanish community for your help 

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Spotted this article about sharks being spotted off the coast near Barcelona and some beaches being shut down and thought some of you might like to read it http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/shark-sightings-trigger-spanish-beach-closures-9611611.html  

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Hi all, does anyone have any good advise?   I have a 7 month old labrador puppy who is suffering from seperation anxiety. I know it's not ideal, but she is left alone for a large part of the day. Circumstances changed unexpectedly so she is left longer than I would like. I come home from work every day and she has had diarrhea several times and tonight she had been sick as well. She panics when I leave, grabbing my sleeve and trying to stop me going. It's heartbreaking, but I'm sure there must be a way to make her feel more secure and know I am coming back to her? Any advise would be appreciated, the only thing the vet suggested was tranquilisers, but I really don't want to go down that route for such a young dog. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Following on from a previous topic on feeding wild birds, a few of the forum members liked the idea of a posting where we can discuss what birdlife we have spotted locally. So - tell us, what have you seen - are there any species that you are struggling to identify?

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Spare a thought for the wild birds in the winter weather - they can find it hard to find enough food and water (especially if it gets icy!)  - we put out bird food, well out of reach of cats, and bowls of water, and it is lovely seeing all our little feathered friends coming to feed.

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Do we get golden eagles here? Saw a very large bird of prey the other morning, but didn't have my binoculars handy to have a good look at its outline...

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Does anyone know of an English/Engish speaking dog trainer on the Costa Brava? I am looking for either one to one training or a class. Thanks.

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Iam looking for some feed back please if anyone can spare a few minutes.Iam considering opening Dog boarding kennel and cattery on the costa Brava.Some feed back on how much of a demand there would be would be much appreciated.This would not be a hobby style set up but a vet on  call and owners living accomodation and 24 hour staffing. Many thanks in advance.

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HI, yesterday I lost my two young dogs, Paddy and Trixie, in the woods near my home at Mas Sant Nicolau, Ordis.  (Between the N2 and N260, south of Figueres).  Have you seen them?  May have travelled through the woods anywhere between Figueres, Bascarà, Garrigas, Espinavessa, Borrassà, Crespía, Creixell, Ordis (my village), Vilamalla.  etc. Sociable, tan coloured with white markings (see my profile picture) collars and chipped.  Any information gratefully received.  972 525462/ 687 279 556.  Thankyou. Helen.

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I am looking into getting some different breeds of chickens - does anyone know of a breeder for silkies or marans?

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I have taken in 2 dogs, 1 black labrador bitch probably about 9 years old and a puppy, possibly a Husky x GSD, male, about 5 months old. The labrador has a tattoo in her ear which can't be read so is likely to have been bred in France, neither had collars or were chipped. I am desperately looking for homes for them as I already have 2 dogs and just can't manage 4! Both dogs are very well behaved and would make lovely pets. Please get in touch if you can help. Thanks, Lara

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anyone seen birdseed for sale? suitable for wild birds, rather than pet canaries....

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Does anyone know where the dogs home in either Figueres or Girona is, or of anyone knows of a puppy that needs a good home?  

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Any suggestions about which local press/other websites might be useful to search for my two lost dogs?  Interested in anything that covers the Costa Brava area between Girona and Figueres.  Any language.  You can see my Anglo Info ad with photo in pets and Animals Adoptions and Rehoming. Thanks. Helen.    

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My dog seems to get a bit chilly in the mornings, does anyone know where I can buy him a sensible (as in not fancy dress style!) coat ?

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does anyone know of a breeder or pet shop which supplies dwarf breed rabbits? Thanks in advance.

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We have just moved to L'Escala with our 2 golden retrievers - Willow 4 years and Bee 11 months. We rent a house and my husband is away 2 weeks out of 4. I am looking for someone to look after the dogs if I have to go back to UK at short notice while he is away. Does anyone know of a reliable person who would look after them at our home? Or a kennels in a 20km radius of L'Escala? Would really appreciate some input from anyone... Thanks Jo

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Can anyone tell me how easy it is to look after a terrapin. Do they need to be kept in warm water and what do they eat? A neighbour has offered me one, but I'm not sure I believe them when they say that you hardly need to do anything except change the water and make sure they can get out to breathe.

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