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Hi, does anybody know where I could get a kitten or an adult cat needing a home , please ?

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Rob-859768 1451897237

You may try here, it's the dog pound in Tossa, they have animals to adopt.

mrswoman-10058930 1451903266

Hi Rob,

I will try that, thank you very much. I wonder if they have cats as well as dogs - I like doigs too, and I will enquire.

regards teresa

Trevor Holt 1453759994


We live on the Costa Brava near Calonge.  My friend runs a local cat charity and is always looking for good homes for kittens/cats.  The cats are in immaculate condition but if you would like to find out more, let me know and I will supply her information.


mrswoman-10058930 1453761040

Hi Joan,

thank you for your message.

Yes I would like to know more, please. How far is your friend`s cat shelter from Lloret de Mar ?Are the cats inoculated and neutered, wormed etc.?Is there a fee? Would it be possible to get transport of the cat?

regards Teresa

Trevor Holt 1453802949

Hello Teresa

My friends details are as follows:  Hilary Cannings, email:

telephone number: 972 662829

I believe that she is better eqipped to give you full information.

Good luck


mrswoman-10058930 1453803577

Hi Joan,


thank you very much.


regards Teresa

bigben-859970 1454029468

Once you get Moggy sorted out, have you got River City? You can get Scottish BBC on Filmon. Lenny's still hanging on.

mrswoman-10058930 1454033972

Hello, i don`t have TV, though sometimes miss it. I had not watched River City for years.

bigben-859970 1454104970

It's on your PC or smartphone

mrswoman-10058930 1454129242

don`t miss it that much though. Not one of life`s joys - tv

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