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Hi, will be spending some time on the Costa Brava. Looking for ideas to meet people and learn the language and customs in the St. Filiu area. Thanks

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We are a UK family looking to book a villa in Costa Brava.  The villa is advertised on a well known site.  We are nervous about booking without some form of verication.  There is a licence number on the advert but I wondered if there was a way of checking this number against some official list and that way it would match on address/location.  Any advice welcome.

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Hi Steve, last year you said Liverpool would finish ahead of Spurs, you even put money on it. Still waiting to hear from Paypal. Now you think they will win the league. Read this in the local newspaper. Police have recovered the arm of a man that has been attacked by a shark, he was identified by a tattoo that said"Liverepool for the League 2015/16"In a statement a police spokesman in Costa Brava commented " not even a shark would swallow that"

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Hi Has anyone advise on keeping a yacht  in Roses.  UK registered French Insured. Any help and advice would be appreciated. David

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hi we are looking to come down to your part of the world from france with our moterhome,looking for sites to stay on that are open in the winter many thanks

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Hi, Any links I can find to obtaining a surface fishing licence online for Catalunya seem to be broken. If you have had recent success with the correct link I would be grateful if you would please let me have the URL.  I have done all the usual Google searches and though I get links, I reiterate that they are not working. Could be temporary of course, hence the question. I do not mind filling the forms in using Spanish if needs be (no I am not great at Spanish, but will struggle with some help). An English version would be welcome, if it exists. Thanks in advance to anyone thinking of telling me that I can apply in person. That is not what I am looking to do right now if I can avoid it.  If I have to do that at some point I will. Cheers.

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I was reading up about these cycle tours and saw that they have some routes they class as easy listed on their webpage. I was wondering if anyone had actually been out with the company and if the routes really would be easy (for someone who hasn't been cycling for a while for example!). let me know if you've given it a try and which route you recommend.

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We play a bit of Petanca in the club in Figueres. We would like if there were a few expats that might like to play the game. We could move around to different locations near to where players might live. Years ago I used to play darts and pool - at which I was never any good, but enjoyed the bit of fun. Is there anywhere with a bar that still play these games ?  Where is everyone going to watch the world cup ? Us Irish will be cheering for England, Spain and our neighbours in Portugal and France.

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can anyone recommend an app that I can download to my android phone that will could my steps? i have seen that there are free ones and ones that cost a few euros. whats the diffrerence - is it worth paying for one?

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So, here we all are again, four years have passed almost as fast as a streak of lightening and the World Cup is starting in a few weeks time. Now we have a problem, as we consider ourselves good Catalans. Our neighbours and our friends in Figueres have absolutly no interest in supporting Spain in the competition, you know what they are saying, we are not part of Spain. Annette and myself will be out every night Spain are playing, supporting them. We will of course be supporting England in their endevours. We might round up Richard and his gang together with a few more and go somewhere to create a bit of excitement. Where is everyone going to see the matches ? Who do you think will do well this time ? Who do you think will reach the final ? Perhaps Spain and Brazil in the final with the Brazillian Costa, who plays with Spain scoring the winning goal. Sorry Richard we can not get to meet you for the Champions League final with Athletico and not so Real.

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Looking to try river rafting, I have seen stuff from other regions, Blanca in Murcia looks good, is there anywhere in this region I could give it a try

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Does anyone know where to get reasonably priced swimming pools? best wishes sarahnikki

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We have some family coming over later this year and apparently the kids want to try some watersports activities. Is there a centre that does training for youngsters?

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I was having a look on trip advisor and this horseriding trek company caught my eye. http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_Review-g187499-d2259246-Reviews-Panorama_Trails-Girona_Province_of_Girona_Catalonia.html Has anyone ever been out with them and what did you think? Looks like an interesting activity to try with visitors.

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Hi does know of Any English Speaking Sailing Forum Groups for Sea and canal going vessels in Costa Brava Area. Kind Regards Nadine Southern

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I'll be in Blanes for 5 days in April. I'm an avid road cyclist and would love to get some advice from other cyclists about good routes in the area. I prefer lots of climbing but would be happy with anything really (routes up to about 120 km). Thanks.

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Are there any  campsites open all year for motorhome /caravn owners in Costa Bravo what sort of weather can you expect from December to February? Would it be better to drive further south for better weather?      

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Anybody walked the L'estartit to montgo beach near L'escala.Im not to sure where it starts in L'estartit and how to get to it,can anybody advise me? thanks.

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Thinking of a holiday up to the costa brava at some point next year - can anyone tell me whether there are many backpacker type hostels/cheap accomodation up there?

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 I would like to ask other readers about their opinions on beaches to take kids to. Which are the safest places with best facilities?

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