Counselling & Therapists

Lidia Morales
Psychologist and psychotherapist provides individual and couple therapy and psychiatric consultation.
Bonnet Psychologists
Services offered include child and adolescent therapy, adult therapy, couple therapy and therapy for the elderly. Also offers online therapy.
Natividad Gómez
Psychology for adults, adolescents and children. Also offers couple therapy.
Jill Sylvester
Addiction, anxiety, bereavement, compulsion, confidence building, depression, panic attack, personal development, phobias, relationships, self esteem, stress, trauma.
Mabel González Asensio
Adult therapy, child therapy, group therapy and online therapy for issues related to depression, anxiety, couple crisis, sexual dysfunctions and other mental health problems.
Pilar Martínez Invernón
Services offered include child and youth psychology, adult psychology and speech therapy.
Katja Diana Symons
Mentoring Women who struggle with health issues through conversation. Free initial session. English, Spanish and German spoken.
María José Alemany García
Face to face and online counselling services.
Juana María Hernández Díaz
Psychologist, pedagogy and speech therapist, specialises in working with child, adolescent, adult and couples.
Psicología Mens Sana
Counselling and psychotherapy for adults, children, adolescents, elderly, couples and families.
Centro Bernal
Psychological counselling and therapy for emotional and mental wellbeing.
Raquel Cánovas
Gestalt psychologist and psychotherapist works with adults, adolescents and children.