Theatres, Music & Concert Venues

Teatro Cervantes
Theatre with capacity of 500, regular plays, dance performances and concerts. Located at Calle Doctor Molina 79, 30550 Abaran.
La Tona Flamenco
Traditional flamenco dancing with authentic dancers in an original gypsy cave. English narration before the show explaining the passion and history of the dance. Cave la Toná, between Murcia and Alicante.
Auditorio Parque Torres
Venue for music, theatre and operatic concerts. Located at Parc Torres, 30201 Cartagena.
Teatro Trieta
Dance, drama and music at this small 354 seat theatre. Located at Calle Glorieta s/n, 30440 Moratalla.
Teatro Lope De Viga
Concerts, dance and plays are performed at this venue. Located at Calle Don Pedro Luis s/n, 30170 Mula.
Teatro Vico
Plays, dance and concerts are held at this venue. Located at Avda Reyes Catolicos 8, 30520 Jumilla.
Teatro Thuillier
Theatre and cinema for 400 persons at Calle del Teatro s/n, 30400 Caravaca de la Cruz.
Teatro Guerra
Theatre with a capacity of 518 people providing a stage for dance, theatre and musical performances. Located at Plaza Calderon s/n, 30800 Lorca.
Theatre-Cine Archena Parque
Theatre with 600 seats the venue for dances perfomances, cinema, concerts, operetta and congresses. Located at Calle Virgen de la Salud s/n, 30600 Archena.
Auditorio Municipal Parque Almansa
Open air concert venue, for music, dance and theatre. Located at The Parc Almansa, 30730 San Javier.
Teatro Bernal
Centre of local cultural activities including cinema and theatrical productions. Located at Calle Garcia Lorca 65, 30120 El Palmar.
Teatro Concha Segura
19 century theatre, the venue for dance, opera and plays. Located at Ubicado en Parque de la Constitucion, 30510 Yecla.
Centro Cultural Asensio Sáez
Concert hall for music, dance, opera, theatre and festivals. Located at Plaza Asensio Saez s/n, 30360 La Union.
Teatro Romea
Has a varied calender of events including, dance opera and theatre productions. Located at Plaza Julian Romea s/n, 30001 Murcia.