Seguro Parking

The first and biggest airport parking for Murcia, Alicante and Valencia. Meet and greet service: drop and pick up your car at the airport. No hassle with mini vans. Very convenient and personal service. And they even wash your car for free!!

Murcias first and biggest airport parking service is now the fastest growing parking company at Alicante and Valencia.


Meet & Greet at Alicante, Murcia or Valencia Airport.


Dual contracts

If you want to have the choice of using two airports within one annual contract, they are your parking-partner. Combinations of Murcia-Alicante and Alicante-Valencia are possible. One contract, one price and your car will be waiting for you at the airport you are arriving. Just find the cheapest ticket and your car is there. So convenient!



The parking is 24/7 secured with personal and technical surveillance on a tarmac surface. Stored safe, clean, secure and insured. See image for location.

Vehicle insurance

Full insurance cover at all times using two of the biggest insurance companies in Spain: Pymes Zürich and Allianz.

You drive your car to the airport not to a compound. 
Seguro Parking meet you at the airport to collect your car and will be waiting for you at the airport with your car when you need it.

  • No transport with a mini van
  • No loading and unloading of your luggage
  • No waiting at the airport

No worries guarantee
During a long stay they will check the car regularly to ensure it is ready for your drive from the airport.

  • No flat tyres
  • No flat battery

Long term contracts for one month to a year
All long stay contracts give you an unlimited numbers of collections and deliveries.

Just fly & drive!

Services included in the price

Multiple user service
Seguro Parking will deliver your car to people who are authorized to use your car. If your friends, family or holiday makers are going to use your car, they will arrange for the car to be delivered to them.  This means that you do not need complicated arrangements with key holders to take your car to the airport.

Basic clean service
Seguro Parking have developed a special system that cleans your car of dust without the use of water and you will find your car at the airport without the dust that was collected during its stay.


Additional services

Inside Parking
Inside parking spaces are available for the maximum stay of 4 weeks at a time. Your car will be parked in an individual underground garage, locked, safe and secure.

Available at your request an outside wash and/or an inside clean.

Car Covers
Car covers can be provided for any car at a very reasonable price. If you do not want your car to stay in the intense sunlight, they have the solution.

Vehicle repairs, maintenance and ITV

While you are abroad they can take care of all things to be done with your car and you can arrive back in the knowledge that everything has been arranged and carried out. Before they do anything with your car they will always contact you with an exact quote and to receive your approval.

Car service and ITV
Seguro Parking can carry out the periodic service and annual ITV of your car.

Mechanical repairs
If there is a mechanical problem with your car they will fix it.