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Car Hire Companies and Consulate join fo... 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
British Consulate Press ReleaseTh...
started by: MichelleR1 · last update: 1489484047 · posted: 1489484047
Infant summer camps Los Alcazares 0 Families & Kids
Hi, I am looking for a summer camp for 2 kids ages 3.5 and 4.5, I had spoken with a coupl...
started by: Mary-Curtin-893916 · last update: 1487766217 · posted: 1487766217
Cetoc Dancing. 0 Entertainment
I would like to know if there is a Ceroc Dancing group or classes in the Mazarron area.
started by: Brian-Arlett-878245 · last update: 1480243742 · posted: 1480243742
Red Cross and English speaking charities... 0 General
British Consulate Press Release
started by: MichelleR1 · last update: 1479392712 · posted: 1479392712
HELP Friendship Group Fun Afternoon 0 General
On Friday 11...
started by: MichelleR1 · last update: 1479391372 · posted: 1479391372
Young teacher looking for rent/flatshare 1 AngloINFO Support
Hi!I'm looking for somewhere relatively cheap in Mazarrón/Puerto de Mazarrón to rent/flatshare from the en...
started by: Ellie-Whiteley-864208 · last update: 1479142805 · posted: 1468146184
British Consul urges Brits to only use o... 0 General
British Consulate Press Release
started by: MichelleR1 · last update: 1478269849 · posted: 1478269849
Government delivers on pledge to give ba... 0 General
British Embassy Press ReleaseThe government today published detailed plans o...
started by: MichelleR1 · last update: 1475840922 · posted: 1475840922
Seeking a four weeks winter let in Febru... 0 General
I am looking for a winter let for 4 weeks for 2 people and a small well behaved dog, a Wire Fox Terrier and she ...
started by: Rosie25-646598 · last update: 1475560651 · posted: 1475560651
Mazarron winter holiday let 0 General
We're looking for a 2-bed holiday let with heating in January in Mazarron. Not too expensive.  Can anyone r...
started by: supersec-611519 · last update: 1473954180 · posted: 1473954180
Electrics 1 Home & Garden
We are planning to move to Spain from France. Could someone confirm or otherwise that the household plugs and so...
started by: Neill-Smith-861225 · last update: 1473954065 · posted: 1465206657
English Teachers 0 General
started by: chris-eden-866992 · last update: 1471298238 · posted: 1471298238
android tv box 0 Entertainment
Can anyone recommend an android tv box for the area?
started by: mal_burgess · last update: 1470069512 · posted: 1470069512
British Deputy Ambassador and Consul lis... 0 General
British Consulate News ReleaseIn a meeting on Tuesday (19 July),  local Bri...
started by: MichelleR1 · last update: 1469095019 · posted: 1469095019
Launch of new webpage aimed at British e... 0 General
Government launches new webpage aimed at British expats, following Referendum ...
started by: MichelleR1 · last update: 1468915682 · posted: 1468915682
Spanish Citizenship: How to Get It 0 General
We have had many enquiries since the Brexit referendum about how to get Spanish citizenship so we thought we'd p...
started by: Madge · last update: 1467817120 · posted: 1467817120
Passport warning: nearly 70% are stolen ... 0 General
British Consulate Alicante Press Release: Passport WarningHolidaymakers and resi...
started by: MichelleR1 · last update: 1467101798 · posted: 1467101798
Statement by HMA Simon Manley, British A... 0 General
started by: MichelleR1 · last update: 1466782921 · posted: 1466782921
Tv android box 0 Entertainment
Does anyone know where I can get a tv smart android box geared up for VPNThanks,muchas gracias.
started by: mal_burgess · last update: 1465303727 · posted: 1465303727
Media Statement from The Electoral Commi... 0 General
Statement on return of postal v...
started by: MichelleR1 · last update: 1464878377 · posted: 1464878377
Curry for the Expats palate 1 General
I live in San Javier in Spain Does anyone else have the same problem? &nbs...
started by: Nilam-Wright-854030 · last update: 1464799594 · posted: 1459014094
SNAKE HELP 0 Pets & Animals
Hi ...anyone.... we have a snake which has got into our laundry room, we have shut the door to protect the dogs ...
started by: lavender dreams · last update: 1463595903 · posted: 1463595903
windy weather 0 General
Can anyone tell me if there is usually windy weather across Murcia and towards the mar menor or are the past few...
started by: cilleanna · last update: 1463245652 · posted: 1463245652
need a pc taking to uk from spain by ca... 0 General
hi all, anyone traveling by car/van to UK from Camposol/Mazarron area or northwest Murcia, Caravacca,Chegin area...
started by: WRINKLE-470951 · last update: 1461956561 · posted: 1461956561
Help wanted 0 Food & Drink
HelloIn July I am opening a new cocktail bar near to Cabo de Palos and I am looking for someon...
started by: windymiller99 · last update: 1460049749 · posted: 1460049749
Camposol / Mazarron 2 General
Coming down in February for 1 month to check out the area, have visited before and thinking of making a permanen...
started by: rua-408032 · last update: 1457730583 · posted: 1449786575
Activities to join in Los Alcazares 1 Sport & Leisure
I have two friends staying for 3 months. They enjoy biking and Bowls - are there any clubs to provide these acti...
started by: Jaguar19 · last update: 1455541976 · posted: 1452551601
travel to spain-data sim card 1 General
hi all coming on holiday for few weeks from france. i have a Huawai MIFI into which i insert either a uk ...
started by: puffers1-577256 · last update: 1455541147 · posted: 1454604589
Did you know you may be eligible to vote... 1 General
British Embassy launches expat awareness campaign If you have been on the electoral roll...
started by: Michelle-463680 · last update: 1454754485 · posted: 1454680275
Brits in need get new access to Red Cros... 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
British Embassy Press Release Nationwide cooperation agreement signed with Briti...
started by: Michelle-463680 · last update: 1454369211 · posted: 1442934015
france to spain 3 Home & Garden
I am thinking about moving from brittany france to the cost calida if i can sell my house. fed up with th...
started by: keith B55 · last update: 1454002797 · posted: 1449758919
Changes to State Pension age for women 1 General
I'd love to know how this was thought of - the format for the dates for retirement!!! Date of birth lottery!...
started by: patty-549001 · last update: 1453725491 · posted: 1450028968
Bringing possessions to Spain 2 Financial & Legal
Hi everyone, My partner and I recently bought a property on Camposol which we intend to move into over th...
started by: kev83-10063031 · last update: 1452197436 · posted: 1451491385
New to Puerto de Mazarron 0 Families & Kids
Hi All - We have just moved to the area having uprooted our teenage daughter (17) from her friends back home. Sh...
started by: doylies · last update: 1452018384 · posted: 1452018384
Walking/Cycling maps 0 Sport & Leisure
Hi all.  :-) My wife and I are staying on a campsite just outside Aguilas for the next month or so.
started by: zaskar · last update: 1450789010 · posted: 1450789010
Non EU Spouse - confused 0 Financial & Legal
I am a British citizen living in Spain and have supplied all the documents for my non EU spouse to live here wit...
started by: DarrenNoyce · last update: 1450470422 · posted: 1450470422
New to Costa Calida 0 Home & Garden
Hi All, I'm new to the Mazarron area. I am looking for some advice on TV and WIFI installation. I would l...
started by: irishquattro · last update: 1450097713 · posted: 1450097713
Winter rental 6 General
Good morning! We live in the Poitou Charente region of France where the winters are short but sharp. So, ...
started by: Grandma Mary · last update: 1449703136 · posted: 1441106893
Inflatable hot tub 2 General
does anyone know where I can buy an inflatable hot tub in Murcia please 
started by: Limeys · last update: 1448271104 · posted: 1447948998
First time buyer needs help! 3 Financial & Legal
Hi all Home owner in France but new to the Spanish market. Can anyone recommend a good, honest est...
started by: frogman007 · last update: 1447949924 · posted: 1444761325
Property swap 0 Home & Garden
Hi all, We are currently living in Brittany, France and we are marketing our house - in which we have liv...
started by: glamourpuss85 · last update: 1447448137 · posted: 1447448137
4 day apartment share - free 0 General
I am going to Murcia for 4 days in November renting an apartment which sleeps 4. I am travelling alone so though...
started by: murri calida · last update: 1446600069 · posted: 1446600069
Dog to UK 3 Pets & Animals
Can anyone advise on going back to the Uk with a small dog for a couple of months? E.g. Which airport,airline ba...
started by: mal_burgess · last update: 1446462083 · posted: 1441902186
Santander ATM machines 2 Financial & Legal
We are travelling to Spain for the Winter and would like to withdraw euros using our Santander card - are there ...
started by: lowe86 · last update: 1446461363 · posted: 1445964470
Empty lorry 0 General
We have a an empty lorry heading from Cartagena to France early next week, please contact us for any possible lo...
started by: boxerhappy · last update: 1446040380 · posted: 1446040380
How to help visitors with mental health ... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
British Embassy News Release: The Foreign Office is offering detailed advice to British ...
started by: Michelle-463680 · last update: 1444309039 · posted: 1444309039
Hot tub removal help. 2 Home & Garden
I have a small hot tub at the rear of my bungalow on Mazarron Country Club, and I really need it transfered to a...
started by: moira96 · last update: 1442922176 · posted: 1442571289
How integrated are you into life in Spai... 0 General
British Embassy Press Release Take the Brits in Spain “Inte...
started by: Michelle-463680 · last update: 1442490718 · posted: 1442490718
Log stores 0 Home & Garden
Anyone in this area sell or build wooden log stores?  Found a perfect on on site by Rowlinson but...
started by: Texpat · last update: 1442262549 · posted: 1442262549
Window tinting 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Does anyone know of a reputable/certified individual or company doing car window tinting in the Murcia/Cartagena...
started by: Texpat · last update: 1442262470 · posted: 1441135994