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Can anyone confirm if the prizes on offer are transferrable as I wouldn't mind a holiday at La Mariposa Hotel or someone coming to clean my apartment but I don't think riding lessons would be my thing!


Bill-463679 1274123965

All prizes in the Postcard competition can be passed on to someone else. If you send a postcard to friends or family in another country and they send you one back and they win a prize that prize can be given to you.

The winner may wish to donate the prize to a favourite local charity to raise additional funds.

To enter the Postcard competition follow this link: Remember you can enter as many times as you wish and every entry has a chance to win a prize and its free!

Sally-465174 1274182803

So if I send one card to 5 people, does that count as 5 entries or just 1?

Bill-463679 1274187807

You may enter as many times as you wish. The more cards you send, they better your chance of winning!

Sending one card to five people will count as five entries into the competition.

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