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I cannot use the search box as on my screen it appears with icons over it any advice please  


Bill-463679 1347280261

Thank you for highlighting this problem. The error has now been corrected.

freethinker-227821 1347286540

its still the same on my page, also my sister joined today she did manage to register however emails sent to her email with clickable links took her to AI home page logged in as me. cannot for the life of me think how it could happen. We use the same PC but her email is yahoo and mine is hotmail, any ideas? She could in theory have posted on my stuff as me!!!

freethinker-227821 1347286677

PS I first joined AI through Rivera 8 years ago when looking for a job there and there was no costa AI so I am in the costa calida area btw

Bill-463679 1347287695

We have looked again at the search box problem but cannot replicate the difficulty you are having. Try refreshing the page by pressing F5. If this problem persists let me know.

Your sister's issue may be because you remain signed in to AngloINFO and when she visits the site she reaches your logged-in page. Try logging yourself out of the site and then ask your sister to try the link.

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