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Does anyone know of a reputable/certified individual or company doing car window tinting in the Murcia/Cartagena/Mazarron area?  The closer to Camposol, the better.

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Hi, all. My itv is not due till 1st September.(Not conveient for me, as I will be in UK) Can I have my vehicle tested before I receive the 'renewal notice' ? eg can I have it re-tested in July ? I am not worried about loosing 6 weeks 'cover' Any guidance much appreciated. Gary

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Greetings fellow Angloinfo'ers, I have started to visit Murcia on a regular basis and rent a villa on one of the golf resorts with my extended family (which will inlude the first Grandchild this summer) and I'm trying to avoid the inevitable scrum at the airport when queueing for a hire car.... Does anyone know of a reliable, local firm who could deliver a car to the Villa; probably no more than 10-15 mins from San Javier Airport and I would just book a taxi to pick us up at arrivals to drop at the villa. I appreciate there wil be premium to pay but it would be worth it. Many thanks in advance for anyones advice. Regards Colin

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Anyone know of an english speaking  Motorcycle enthusiast or mechanic who could help carry out the odd service, give a little advice etc in the Totana or surrounding areas for a not so mechanically minded biker... thanks

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Does anyone need a vehicle driving to France or UK from Cartagena area around the middle of February? Or anyone going to France. UK who could offer a lift to the Charente for a share of the fuel? 0033545 31 86 46

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Does anyone know of a driver who could take us from Benidorm to Los Alcazares on a date in July next year?  We have made that journey a few times but I have lost contact with those who we managed to find to do that in the past.  I know there is a decent bus service but would prefer a car this time.  Thanks in advance for  your help.

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I have a Spanish registered car which I would like to sell, does anyone know the proceedure for selling cars? I believe it involves the Notary.

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want to learn to drive ! do you need provision licence here and where do you get plus want English instructor

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I passed my driving test in the early 1980's in the UK and have a full British car / minibus driving licence. I have not passed my motorcycle test so in UK would only be able to drive a moped up to 50 cc I am hoping to buy a motorbike or possibly a quad bike for use locally in the Port Mazarron area. Can anyone please help with the questions below. What is the maximum size motorbike I can drive in Spain with my licence? On which roads can I ride it? What is the maximum size quadbike I can drive in Spain with my licence? On which roads can I ride it? Do I need a helmet for a quad? Very grateful to anyone who can help,  I Cannot seem to get consistent answers anywhere. Derek  

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Anyone know if there is a garage in the Puerto de Mazarron area that can legally fit a tow bar and provide the required documentation ??

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Can anyone recommend a used car dealer in the La Union area -thanks.

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Can anyone advise me where I might be able to buy a car booster seat for a child in or near Los Alcazares

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anyone needing a car or van driven back to uk.....talk to the worst flyer in the world...634327399.

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I have a car registered in Spain which I wish to transfer the ownership to a resident of Jersey, CI. Can anyone tell me what I need to do as far as the Spanish authorities are concerned, and to make sure I am no longer liable to Spanish car tax?

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Hi all, Can anyone please tell me if you need a licence to drive a 50cc motorcycle or scooter. My wife does not have a licence at all, would she need to apply for a Spanish licence before she can drive? Would she need to take a test before she can drive? I have had so many conflicting views and can't find the definitive answer! Thanks.

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My much loved and well worked Nissan Jeep has finally decided to let me down and the repair or replacement of a gearbox is not a viable proposition for a car that old, so decided to scrap it and buy another, does anyone have a definitive answer on scrapping a car...everyone I speak to have a differnt variation on astroy abouy how easy or difficult it is , thanks

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Does anyone know of anywhere that does car valeting near Puerto de Mazarron please? In desperate need of a deep clean!!ThanksCat

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Hi, I moving to Murcia next month and I will be needing a car, I am considering a long term rental just until I get myself sorted. Does anyone know anywhere that does long term rental ( I have an automatic licence only) and what sort of price I can expect to pay. I have tried looking in the internet but the quotes I am getting at around €4000 which seems excessive for 3 months rental.. I will be in El Palmar, Murcia but am happy to collect from anywhere on the Costa Calida/Murcia.. Many thanks Nikki

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Hi all, Anyone know where the nearest and best car breakers yard is to Mazarron. Need to get an Instrument Cluster for an Opel Astra G. Regards

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Press release: Watch out on the AP7 – Consulate in Alicante warns of motorway robberies 23rd July 2012 British holidaymakers taking their cars to Spain this summer are being warned of the threat from motorway thieves who rob foreign-registered vehicles and hire cars of their possessions, passports and money. British-registered cars using motorways in Spain are proving an easy target for gangs who use a wide variety of scams to distract unsuspecting holidaymakers and then steal their bags and belongings from their vehicles. The worst blackspot is the AP7 motorway between the French border and the Alicante region in southern Spain. More than 60 cases of robbery on this motorway were reported to the British Consulate in Alicante last year, and so far this year the number of reported cases is increasing. It is believed that there are hundreds more cases of thieves using distraction scams to rob British motorists across Spain that go unreported to Foreign Office staff because victims generally only contact a British Consulate if their passport has been taken. Foreign motorists are tricked by loud bangs, apparent accidents or vehicle problems, supposedly punctured tyres and pretend requests for help in motorway service areas. “We are warning drivers of UK-registered cars and hire cars to be on the alert on motorways in Spain, both while driving and taking a break”, says Paul Rodwell, British Consul in Alicante. “We also hope that Brits living in Spain will help us to get the message out to any friends and family who may drive to Spain this summer for visits. “The most important thing is to on your guard against anyone who attempts to stop you or ask you for help – they may well be part of a gang operating a scam in which an unseen accomplice will rob you of your things.” The Consulates in Barcelona and Alicante have jointly designed a leaflet called Driving safely and avoiding roadside scams in Spain that can be downloaded from UKinSpain travel advice webpage. It provides useful advice that will help drivers to plan their journeys, stay safe and avoid common problems. Stephen and Helen Robinson from Leicestershire were between Barcelona and Valencia when they stopped at a service area to exercise their dog. Both were at the boot of the car when they were distracted by a man apparently on the phone, asking them how to say something in English. Meanwhile their bag was taken from the front, despite the dog being inside. “It was quick and slick”, says Mrs Robinson. “Remember that on the second day of driving down from the UK, you may be more tired and therefore more vulnerable. Separate your valuables into different places in the car, and when you stop be aware you may be being watched. You won’t see the accomplice of the person who is distracting you.” In another robbery, Joy and Alan Horton from Suffolk were aware of a vehicle close to them on the motorway, then heard a loud bang and pulled over. The other car stopped in front of them and while the driver talked animatedly to them, his passenger accomplice grabbed their belongings unseen. “Keep all jackets, bags and valuables in a locked boot and not on the back seat where they can be seen”, says Mr Horton. “If you think your car may have been in a collision and you pull over, lock the car as soon as you get out and mount a guard on both sides of the vehicle.” Victims of crime should report the incident to the police. Britons can also go to the UKinSpain website for advice if you are a victim of crime, or contact the local British Consulate via 902 109 356 for an emergency travel document or other assistance.

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