Car dealer in San Pedro del Pinatar

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Does anyone have experience with a company called AVRGRUP who are advertising secondhand cars in San Pedro del Pinatar?They are apparently located in front of the Repsol garage, near Lidl.I am interested in a car they have for sale but they don't seem to exist on Street View- it's a long way to travel on a wild goose chase.....


dicky mint-466034 1315242850

Dont forget street view is sometimes quite old.

Whistling John Thomas-464683 1315243027

That's true, but I've been scouring the internet for a couple of months now and you wouldn't believe how many scammers there are selling non-existent Spanish cars.

Torres-468600 1315308580

They do exist and have a reasonably large fenced lot with plenty of English advertising signs hanging from the fenceline.

Whistling John Thomas-464683 1315311714

Thanks for that. Having carefully looked at their car ads I can see the Repsol garage in the background, while on street view the yard is there but full of trailers.


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