Confirmation that San Javier Airport is closing

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Message A. LÓPEZ Development Ministry and the Autonomous Community agree that the Region of Murcia can not have two civil airports only 35 miles apart yesterday and decided what is the method chosen to reach a solution satisfactory to both parties: Aena is made ​​to the management of Corvera in exchange for leaving San Javier only for military use. The announcement of this pathway did the Minister of Public Works, Antonio Sevilla, after a meeting with Secretary of State for Transport, Isaiah Táboas. After this meeting, Seville Aeromur contacted, the concessionaire of the ownership of the airport, so you immediately start negotiations on the details of the agreement with the Spanish Agency for Air Navigation. In recent weeks had speculated the possibility of financial compensation Aeromur Aena for the investment made ​​in building the second runway at San Javier, which opened earlier this year. Negotiations are about to begin will determine on what terms will be offset this investment. The Autonomous Community is convinced that is the best option. "If we have an airport that can operate 24 hours a day with great potential, it is logical that Aena management make it the largest airport operator in the world. This is a solution that can greatly benefit tourism interests in the region of Murcia and also those of Aena, which has limited its potential in San Javier, "said Sevilla. According to the Minister, agreed Taboas all times yesterday's meeting that the new Corvera facilities provide "greater opportunities and qualities, both for citizens and the airport operator." The Minister of Public Works made ​​clear that the community does not participate in the negotiations because they must be "both parties negotiate the agreement and aspects involving counterparts. " Seville does not rule out, however, that may be present at the talks if asked. The only condition is no longer clear is that the Autonomous Region Aena must maintain the commitments to workers in San Javier and its suppliers in the same conditions have now. All employees will be moved to Corvera, according to the condition imposed by the regional government and with your agreement the Ministry of Development, as Sevilla said. Neither the Ministry nor the autonomous region have set a deadline for reaching agreement, although Sevilla believe should be signed for when you finish work on the airport, which is scheduled for November. The Minister of Public Works explained that this draft agreement in principle reached yesterday began to take shape the same opening day of the second runway of the airport of San Javier, an infrastructure that had become a continuous demand over recent years.

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Its only 22 miles if you use the C3319... madness they should never have spent millions on St Javier as this new airport has been planned for years and should have opened in 2007

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