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Hi all can someone help me I have a UK-EU licence I want to keep this licence, I belive I can but spanish law says I need to get a medical and register with the traffic authorities does anyone have any experience of this ie where and how I live on Camposol mazarron I belive there is a place in Mazarron any help would be nice Thanks Regards Mick


eosmurcia 1327678183

You can get a medical done at the clinic on the right hand side going down Avda Consticcion in Mazarron town.

Usually any Thursday in the evening after 4 pm, first come first served. Cost around 30-40€.

Geo.restin 1327934045

Eosmurcia is quite right it is on the main street in Mazarron and directly opposite the Santander bank the name is "Clinca Laboratori Mazarron".

If you go there as always take all your paperwork ie NIE ect as if you don't have it they will want it we went there last year and it is pretty straight forward.

Good Luck

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