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Hi, I moving to Murcia next month and I will be needing a car, I am considering a long term rental just until I get myself sorted. Does anyone know anywhere that does long term rental ( I have an automatic licence only) and what sort of price I can expect to pay. I have tried looking in the internet but the quotes I am getting at around €4000 which seems excessive for 3 months rental.. I will be in El Palmar, Murcia but am happy to collect from anywhere on the Costa Calida/Murcia.. Many thanks Nikki


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Try FCRenta car they have a web site and have a base in Murcia, very reasonable rates!

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Thanks, i'll take a look


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The AngloINFO Directory lists local car hire companies here Costa Cálida Car Hire & Vehicle Rental and includes the details for FC Rent a Car.

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Would be a better option to buy a cheap old runner for the time being, you could transfer the insurance when
you get a newer one... Depending on if you decide to stay or not... A lot of garages in Torrevieja sell reasonably
priced vehicles. Good luck anyway. Sue

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