Matriculation of a French Registered Car

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This may be an obvious question but here goes.....If I have a French registered, left hand drive car in Spain would I still have to have it matriculated and have the number plates changed as if it were a UK registered car? Many thanks Sue


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Follow this link to the AngloINFO INFOrmation pages on Importing & Registering a Foreign Vehicle in Spain

"Once a car in imported to Spain, it must be registered with the Spanish authorities. It is illegal for residents of Spain to drive a car with foreign plates. If entering Spain with foreign plates, residents are allowed to drive from the port of entry to their residence only. Spanish plates must be obtained within 30 days of entry. Temporary permission to drive an imported vehicle - and temporary licence plates - should be obtained from the provincial Traffic Department (Jefatura Provincial de Tráfico) or full re-registration of the car must be undertaken."

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Before we moved to Spain 8 years ago, we bought a French LHD car to bring over with us, but we still had to put it on to Spanish plates.

The only advantage was that we had the matriculation paperwork, so that when it was due for its first ITV, it was a lot cheaper than the first ITV is usually


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Great, thanks Sandy and Michelle

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