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I´m wet behind the ears when it comes to changing tyres, the boyfriend is in the UK and I need a new tyre asap, what sort of price would I pay for a new tyre on a Rover with fitting. Also how long can I run the car with spare wheel on??


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You can run the car with the spare indefinately, but you will still have to buy a new tyre as I wouldn´t advise going very far without a spare. I would get it swopped over asap. Costs, now you are talking. They will ask you if you want a remould or a new one. Go for the new one if you can afford it, it will also depend on what make you go for, they usually give you a selection from cheap to expensive. Pick the price in the middle!

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I needn´t have worried, I took the car to a place called Puche, which is on the way down to Mazarron port, next to the Bali Hai outdoor club. Anyway they sorted everything for me, even worked on the alloy and got rid of all the kinks in it. I bought two new tyres €90 each, they are a brand new make over here from eastern europe I believe, called Tomo.

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