Question on car import tax.

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We have a very old UK plated Fiesta, 14 years infact. . We have just swopped over lights, breaks sorted etc and it has now passed its ITV, green sticker on screen. Now we have been told we have to get spanish plates and pay an import duty. Its not worth zip to anyone apart from my husband, its low mileage and we know its history. Thats it. When we had a Rover done a couple of years ago apart from a trip to Alicante for something? we didnt pay anything. I am really reluctant to continue to pay out for something that may no be necessary.We now have a valid ITV and,fully comprehensive insurance isnt that enough? Any helpful input much appreciated. The coffers are empty.Thanks


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Sorry but you haven't got a 'valid' ITV.....this is only legal on Spanish registered cars.

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Follow this link for detailed information on: Importing & Registering a Foreign Vehicle in Spain

Relevant paragraph from Importing & Registering a Foreign Vehicle in Spain:

"...Used car: Imported vehicles owned for more than six months prior to the owner becoming resident in Spain are not subject to import duty, provided that VAT was paid in the EU country in which the vehicle was purchased.

A registration tax (impuesto sobre determinados medios de transporte) is due on all cars and must be paid in the local tax office (Agencia Tributaria). This is a tax based on engine capacity and it applies to both diesel and petrol engines:

  • Cars of 2,000cc and less are taxed at 7 percent
  • Other vehicles are taxed at 12 percent


Follow this link for detailed information on: ITV Vehicle Roadworthiness in Spain

Relevant paragraph on ITV on Foreign vehicles:

"...Vehicle roadworthiness is not transferable across the EU countries. A car imported into Spain must pass the Spanish ITV test before it can be registered in Spain; likewise, the ITV of an an exported Spanish-registered car will not be valid in another country.

Voluntary testing

An ITV testing station can carry out the roadworthiness test on a foreign registered vehicle and issue a "voluntary certificate". In this case, the ITV station may not issue a sticker for the windscreen, but the certificate can serve as proof that the vehicle is roadworthy. A vehicle without a valid ITV is illegal; may not be safe to use on the road, and may invalidate insurance cover.

Note: a vehicle that is in Spain for a continuous period of more than six months is considered to be permanently imported and must be re-registered on Spanish plates..."

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Bill, the information is out of date re: registration tax

There are 4 bands of taxation for 4-wheeled vehicles as follows:

CO2 emission of less than 120g/Km = 0% of the vehicle value

CO2 emission of between 120-160 g/Km = 4.75% of the vehicle value

CO2 emission of between 160-200g/Km = 9.75% of the vehicle value

CO2 emission of more than 200g/Km = 14.75% of the vehicle value

Cars which are not rated for CO2 emissions are charged at a flat 12%

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Just to comfirm that WJT is spot on with his import tax calculations (paid this week at cartagena 4.75% on haciendas own valuation of the vehicle). What you do need to know is that the amount can only be paid via a bank by a gestor, an individuals own money is not acceptable!!!! This of course means that you have to pay a fee to a gestor just to pay your tax into a bank. But still worthwhile to diy it you save a couple of hundred euros at least.

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Do you know this for a fact, or is that just what they told you at Hacienda?

Five years ago they tried to fob me off with that one, but it wasn't true then- I paid it into Banco Santander myself and returned the receipt to the same guy without a problem! Have they changed the rules since then? If so, how come you can pay the transfer tax yourself, directly to the minibank in the Hacienda building, when buying a Spanish car? It doesn't seem logical to me...

What really begs the question is why do the Spanish make it so difficult to do the right thing, yet seemingly ignore all those illegal UK cars?

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I could only go by what they told me and no it had to be the hacienda (right hand door) not the left hand side of the building,having been redirected there bythe vehicle transfer desk beside the caja murcia desk. Also even when i had the receipt from the gestor still had to get a "codigo electronica" from Hacienda for trafico. Still very worthwhile to diy though.Must say that whilst the Hacienda staff (right hand side) appear to have had a charisma bypass. The traffico and vehicle transfer tax side of haciend are extremely helpful and patient with the language difficultiy
I would say to the original question 'have a go' unfortunately it will probably cost abt €500 and could be too much if the vehicle is only worth that!!!

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PT1943,ref your reply 9/3/2012. can you give me info on how you did it, would appriciate any help.

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