Scrapping a car in Spain

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My much loved and well worked Nissan Jeep has finally decided to let me down and the repair or replacement of a gearbox is not a viable proposition for a car that old, so decided to scrap it and buy another, does anyone have a definitive answer on scrapping a car...everyone I speak to have a differnt variation on astroy abouy how easy or difficult it is , thanks


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That is such a shame poor car I did hear that the Spanish put their retired cars out to pasture so they can live out the rest of their lives in peace and comfort away from all the busy roads

Whistling John Thomas-464683 1338839122

There are several people advertising in the local free press who buy scrap cars. If it's a diesel you could get a fair amount for it, and they take care of the paperwork for you.

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Thanks WJT, always get good advice on AngloInfo pages Cheers

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Take care, they could repair and use it leaving you still responsible for any fines and each years tax.

kadiqui-463633 1338979526

I do wonder if everything is more difficult in Spain......I cant even cancel my insurance even though the car is not driveable until I have officially scrapped it...

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make very sure you get an dkeep all the required paperwork. It can happned that suma bills still arrive and you need to prove beyond doubt that the car is scapped. I have a friend who is still trying to do this 5 years on and is still paying suma!

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