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We have a Spanish car in Spain but due to illness to both of us, we have been unable to return since last July, we have a home in Playa grande , Puerto De mazarron, Murcia. I need to know who to contact regarding the m.o.t. and tax on the Renault Clio. It has been privately off the road since July 2011. I know it is in Cartagena, but I need to know who to contact regarding bills or payments needed re car. Sincerely, Joanna Koomen.


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Normally people who dont live here have the Suma car tax on direct debit. Did you pay the 2011 Suma tax? In Mazarron I dont think the 2012 is due quite yet. As for the ITV (MOT) you will just have to take it to Cartagena next time you are here. If its off the road it doesnt need doing.

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Hello Joana

You don’t need
to go to Cartagena
you can apply for a new receipt at


Asking for a RECIBO PARA EL CONTRIBUYENTE to pay 2012 bill

They will
ask you your name and address maybe car details

Telephone to
call to get receipt is

968 128 980

When you
get it you can pay at any bank the form says

Last day to
pay is 2nd of April or you will be paying an extra 10% or 20% for

Good Luck


ps. you need to have the bill paid to get the MOT later on

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