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I passed my driving test in the early 1980's in the UK and have a full British car / minibus driving licence. I have not passed my motorcycle test so in UK would only be able to drive a moped up to 50 cc I am hoping to buy a motorbike or possibly a quad bike for use locally in the Port Mazarron area. Can anyone please help with the questions below. What is the maximum size motorbike I can drive in Spain with my licence? On which roads can I ride it? What is the maximum size quadbike I can drive in Spain with my licence? On which roads can I ride it? Do I need a helmet for a quad? Very grateful to anyone who can help,  I Cannot seem to get consistent answers anywhere. Derek  


Norman-470289 1378804458

Taking your age and your full car licence into consideration you should qualify for A1 status and be able to ride a 125cc motorbike on your current licence. Anything larger will mean you have to take a test.

For road going quads you can drive up to 550kg/30hp on your current licence. No restrictions apply if it is classed as an agricultural vehicle.

On the road you will need to wear a helmet on a quad - which is only sensible.

Derek Kitchin 1378805580

many thanks Norman.

what size cc quad does 30 hp usually equate to?

is the  550 kg related to manufacturers weight / kerbside weight 



Bill 1378807029

Derek, give one of the local insurance companies a ring and ask them about insuring you and they will give you guidance.

Also, there isn't a simple way to convert hp to cc's as you will get a range of figures, best to pop into your local motorbike/quad dealer to see the type of thing you can ride.

Bradley-470663 1378807777

Give Mark a ring on 968 631 008, he runs quad bike tours so should be able to tell you plenty about the bikes etc.

Derek Kitchin 1378859194

Thanks for help;

In Uk at the moment so expensive and more difficult to ring 'local insurance co', etc to find out more as suggested. Thanks anyway for your time.


Bradley-470663 1378895243

Hi Derek, didn't realise you were in the UK. You could email some insurance companies with your questions, there are some listed on this site.

Also, as you can't ring Mark, here is their website where you'll also find an email address


Good luck.

Derek Kitchin 1378996406

Thank again

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