Toll road Mazarron to Cartagena

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For all those who travel on the Mazarron to Cartagena toll road price has now increased to€5.40. This is strange as there is very little traffic using this road because of the toll cost so now they increase the toll which will mean less traffic using it which means less money in the coffers can anyone understand their thinking.


llamedos-464504 1326300735

They are completely mad increasing the prices yes well everyone should stop using it then it will be the end

armitt58 1326312085

typical spanish, if its only used by a few put up the prices so the few pay more. then no one uses it

Forest Red-469057 1326358746

Only the Spanish. Maybe they wil get the message one day.

Geo.restin 1331909673

Just used it again and the cost was down 5 cents!!! it was mid afternoon so maybe different tariff.

billy blue nose 1332456524

dont use the toll rd. simple. anyone who passes torry and pays twice is daft as well. just go the other longer route and watch what time will do.

ask where the money from the tolls'll be surprised.

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