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can anyone tell me if i can use a u.k. built trailer in spain. i have a spanish reg. car with a legal spanish towbar,the trailer i have has a weight capacity of 500kgs so it does not require a itv, i asked at the local police station,they said they think it is o.k. to use but i could not get a firm answer as it is legal or not. yours jim. mccormack


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As far as I know Spanish car, Spanish trailer or caravan, UK car, uk trailer or Caravan

billy the rook 1311804806

correct cabo.....no mix allowed.

Whistling John Thomas-464683 1311805511

Hi Jim

Spanish car + non-Spanish trailer = €500 fine

A trailer with a maximum (loaded) weight of no more than 750kg doesn't need an itv, but it must have the correct paperwork and be plated. It is possible to re-register a UK trailer but I've heard of this costing in the region of €1000.

I can't comment on the Spanish police but in MY experience 'informal' advice from the UK ones is almost always complete nonsense.


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We towed a small Spanish trailer (didn't) require an ITV for over 6 years in Spain and was never asked to show the paper work. So if you put a Spanish number plate onto the trailer how would they know anyway?

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