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I've brought my UK car over and the Road Tax is due to expire on 31st May 12, I have got Spanish insurance and the MOT has got 11 months left. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get it taxed here (Camposol) please? Thanks


sue861 1334567676

Thanks John, will this still apply as I have exported my car, I informed the DVLA of this?

fpegman-471599 1334593707

If you have exported the car you should of registered it on to Spanish plates you are running an illegal motor and could be faced with a large fine and the car being impounded

Whistling John Thomas-464683 1334596715

Fpegman is right. This sounds like another classic example of dodgy advice from 'a bloke in the pub.....'

sue861 1334653291

Thanks for the replies guys, I have only been here 3 weeks and thought I had a bit of time to get Spanish Plates in it...

Guess I need to get it sorted

fpegman-471599 1334667191

If you are a resident you have 60 days to do it I believe

Michelle-463680 1334674250

The angloINFO INFOrmation pages provide comprehensive, accurate and up to date details on Importing & Registering a Foreign Vehicle in Spain for both residents and non-residents

"Bringing Your Vehicle to Spain

It is illegal for residents of Spain to drive a car with foreign plates, so once a car is imported to Spain, it must be registered with the Spanish authorities. If entering Spain with foreign plates, residents are allowed to drive from the port of entry to their residence only. Spanish plates must be obtained within 30 days of entry. Temporary permission to drive an imported vehicle - and temporary licence plates - should be obtained from the provincial Traffic Department (Jefatura Provincial de Tráfico) or full re-registration of the car must be undertaken"

"Non-resident EU citizens

EU citizens who are not Spanish residents may drive their foreign-registered vehicles (cars, motorbikes and caravans) in Spain for up to 180 days (six months) in a calendar year as long as it is road-worthy in the country in which it is registered. In this case, only the owner of the vehicle may drive it.

A foreign-registered vehicle may remain in Spain for more than 180 days in a calendar year as long as it is not driven. Even though EU citizens are no longer required to obtain a residence card, after 182 days the vehicle must be registered in Spain or garaged."

dicky mint-466034 1334695519

Whats the answer for a RHD van then as it cannot be registered on Spanish plates due to visability problems.

fpegman-471599 1334743685

There is a garage in Javea that will get it registered for you ring Chris 966731763 he will know

dicky mint-466034 1334744072

Ive been told by Trafico its not possible due to the lack of visibility.

Whistling John Thomas-464683 1334746546

IMHO it seems sad but true that the Spanish authorities make it as difficult as possible to change your UK vehicle onto Spanish plates while apparently indifferent to the ones that are driving about totally illegally.

I speak from personal experience- when I changed our car over they were generally unhelpful and fobbed me off at every opportunity.

pt1943-469266 1334756445

Sorry wjt i beg to differ having put 2 rhd uk vehicles onto spanish plates 5 years apart, i found the Itv station at San Pedro and trafico at Cartagena both very helpful and considerate to the limited Espanol. Hacienda for paying the tax not quite so, but hey it is meant to be a challenge.

.The anglo info on the subject is a really useful guide and even the dgt website can be of help on the subject.

Whistling John Thomas-464683 1334757597

Hi Paul

I'm just describing my personal experience....I agree the ITV people are helpful, but I had to make 4 trips to Hacienda and only succeeded the last time because I took a friend who had already re-registered his own car.


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