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Would it suffice to have a photocopy of our driving licence in the car with us instead of the originals? I dont really like carrying originals of anything in this country, it takes so long to sort out admin as it is without having to reapply for stuff.....

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I have obtained new Headlights to comply, the British Consulate document, I have a current ITV, current Padron, Original Car Docs, Passport, NIE and Insurance. Despite various information I would appreciate comments on.. Can I now go to Lorca for the registration. Then, do I have to arrange a final transfer of all my situation (Via Traffic Office..Where?)and then obtain Spanish Plates? Den

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Finally the RM2 from Alhama de Murcia through to Cartagena has opened. And after all the fuss I think I will still use the AP7 to get to Cartagena.! I used it last Friday and it just seemed to take an age and to be taking me out of my way. So I reckon anyone from Camposol, or Alhama area wanting to get to Cartagena use the RM2 as far as Fuente Alamo then come off and join the A30 as previous.

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Can anyone recommend a good mechanic to deal with general servicing. I have a VW Golf and the servicing indicator is on.

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Any scooter boys out there? I would like to meet up with any groups that maybe in the area, Los Alcazares, Los Belones, San Miguel that sort of location.

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I knew that I had to keep jackets in the car, but I didn´t realise till yesterday that if you breakdown or pull in on the side of the road, you must put the jacket on it on before you get out of the vehicle or you are breaking the law!

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I have af riend who is looking for a BMW main dealer for his motor bike spares, any leads on this please.

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We were thinking of going to the Fiesta in Murcia today, does anyone know how I could find out the train times to get us in and out from Totana?

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For those interested I have just read about a group called the Cosmopolitans. There main aim is to have fun, go out on long rides and discover the area. They are a group of mixed nationalities and they meet one a month for a ride and a meal somewhere along the route. If you are interested calle Michael Hughes on 627 117 065. So if you have a custom bike over 500 cc´s then why not join?

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Thought people might like to know that construction work to extend the tram line is starting towards the end of this year so that you can get from the city centre out to Nueva Condomina and the football stadium as well as the two university campuses. That will certainly be excellent for visitors to the city.

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Looking for bike parts, puncture repair kits, etc. any ideas, Mazarron or Fuente area.

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Hi, I'm new to this forum so please be gentle with me. My partner and I shall be moving to Los Alcazares in September this year (currently living in Cyprus) and I was wondering if there are any fellow bikers near by to meet up with and go on ride outs. I'm a lady biker and currently own a Honda VFR 800. I've been riding for 5 years but have been into bikes since the age of 12. slainte mhath

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Can anyone direct me to a cycle hire shop that have tandems, needs to be along the Mar Menor area.

started by: BLUBBER-463005 · last update: 1203091740 · posted: 1203091740

Is it true that I need a medical certificate when I change over to a Spanish driving licence?

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I often hire a car when I have alot of mileage to get through. But I have noticed that they dont automatically come with the requirements expected by Spanish law , like triangles, hi viz jackets, spare bulbs. So if you breakdown how do you get around that I wonder?

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Is it true that its against the law to change a wheel on a motorway?? I have been told that you must call the breakdown service?

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Is there a certain time of the year when you pay your car tax??

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Can anyone tell me where the trafico office is in Cartagena??

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Does anyone know if I can have a blood test done here privately. I just need to have my thyroid checked.

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We brought our 5 year old RAV4 to Spain, any advice please. We are in the process of getting residency this week. However my car's tax runs out at the end of March. and i am still insured with the AA in the UK they say that they will confirm if my insurance is still covered after the 90 days but no answer as yet. I understand that it's expensive to change UK cars over to Spanish ect any ideas of cost. The problem is the car is still on HP so from what i can gather its actually even if sold no going to pay that off even in UK. also i love this car and would need to replace it so seen as though it's reliable ect we might as well keep paying. Any help or advice greatly received, i have looked on attachments web site for ITV but my spanish not that goon yet. Thanks Dawn

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