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Yesterday, travelling back from Almeria on the AP7 we had a puncture. Our car could not be missed, four women, four suitcases and a bewildered look on our faces trying to decipher the instructions on the automatic jack. Did anyone stop? not on your life. We all commented that if that had been in the UK, any guy worth his salt would have stopped to assist. As it happens we sorted it and were back on the road in 20 minutes. No men required.

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The RM2 from ÇAlhama through to Cartagena is looking good. They are expecting it to open February 2008. However, dont do as I did this morning and drive around the Fuente Alamo roudabout twice, this part is actually open so you join the motorway at the roundabout and it takes you through to Alhama or to join the AP7.

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Got the bread and milk but not the fuel, do not want to go out in car if I cannot top up the tank.

started by: benny-462994 · last update: 1196722589 · posted: 1196676143

I have a car in Murcia and want to park it long term, within easy access to San Javier airport, any advice please.

started by: esther-463017 · last update: 1196073897 · posted: 1195905159

Just a word of warning in case you go to Cartagena over the coming weeks. The police are stepping up patrols to check on bad parking, so make sure you are parking legally.

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I have been offered a second hand car - a ford escort. Not sure what to do as they dont make them any longer and I wondered how I would get sprares if anything goes wrong. Whats the general opinion out there folks!

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Hi all, I`d like to have the windows tinted on my car. Does anyone know of anywhere where I can get this done?

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I need to get hold of a van for next Tuesdday to move some furniture and I´mnot having much success. I need it for about 24 hours and want to collect from around the Mazarron area if possible. Does anyone know of a company that hires out vans?

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Can anyone tell me where the exhibition for vintage cars is taking place and what time??

started by: pansy-463140 · last update: 1192626532 · posted: 1192446214

I cannot seem to locate a longstay carpark at the airport. If you know of one please email or post here. I am sure other would like to know to, the on site airport parking seems to be very expensive.

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We are looking to buy a secondhand car, private sale. Can anyone tell me who is responsible for transfer of ownership? Also where do we go to sort the administration?

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Can anyone tell me if I take my old car to a scrap dealer are they going to charge me to take it off my hands? Other than that where would you take a vehicle that no longer works?

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Does anyone know if there is anything happening on the motorbike front on the Costa over the coming months? I know its very popular in the area and I missed the August show in Bolnuevo. Cheers

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Does anyone know of a Rover dealer in the Mazarron area. I urgently need to replace the alloys and having tried with a scrap yard, my only other option reluctantly is to buy new ones.

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If you´ve just passed your test in the uk do you have to wait a certain amount of time before you can drive in Spain?

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I would like a limo with driver to pick up from San Javier airport and drive family to Mazarron area. Does anyone know who would do this?

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Whats the score on mopeds around here? I see lots of youngsters riding them with no helmets, and I see lots of pensionisters riding them with either, the dog, the grandchild or the weekly shop

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Can anyone tell me the percentage of light reduction that is allowed on car windows? Also does anyone know who could provide this service on the Costa Calida?

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Could I learn to drive and sit a test using an automatic? Assuming it would be easier??

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I am a little confused since the new AP7 opened. What would be the simplest way to get to Cartagena - i want to visit the shopping centre on the outskirts where the Toysarus store is. I think its called the Mediterraneo? There seems to be so many options from Mazarron I want the easiest. Thank you.

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