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Does anyone know if the Spanish follow speedway in this area?

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How old do I have to be to take lessons over here please? Can I have an English speaking instructor?

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Does anyone know where I can pick up a spare bulb for the rear light over the registration plate? Come to think of it on my travels I haven´t actually seen a car spares shop anywhere. They must exist but where?

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If we used a taxi service that was not legally registered in Spain and we were involved in an accident, would we be insured??

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I am relatively new to Spain and I have been told that my car has to have an ITV test. Can anyone tell me what this entails?

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Can anyone advise me please. Yesterday the light on the dash was on showing that a car door was open. I checked, there were no doors open, and now everytime I try and lock the car either with the key fob or manually it wont lock?

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I´m wet behind the ears when it comes to changing tyres, the boyfriend is in the UK and I need a new tyre asap, what sort of price would I pay for a new tyre on a Rover with fitting. Also how long can I run the car with spare wheel on??

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Would it be worth taking my car to a mechanic prior to getting its ITV?

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I know it may be a bit obscure but is there a book about driving in Spain probable with some of the Spanish highway code in it?

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Does anyone know where we could get our British reg car serviced, needs to be someone who would pick the car up or at least local to us, Mazarron area.

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Just found out that not only can I hire one of these beauties for a day or a week they will delivery and collect. No excuse now. If anyone else is interested check out www.harleyrent.es or call them on 686 471 140 based in Murcia.

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