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A friend of mine in the car business took a left hand 2004 Peugot 206 as a trade in. The car was originally registered in Spain and then brought to Ireland where it was re registered as an Irish car. He can't sell it here and was wondering if there is anyone out there who knows how to go about re registering it in Spain again. Any advice to Pat at newlodge2@eircom.net would be appreciated.

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My son has just returned from the UK where he was unable to get car hire because he didn't have a Spanish licence. He does have a clean EU licence but that wasn't good enough. I am sure this is an old chestnut but can anyone say what the latest ruling is on holding a Spanish Licence. I have read various articles on the web but they all seem to suggest that a EU licence is good.

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Can anyone give me any indication as to how much a taxi from Alicante and/or Murcia would be? Friends of ours dont want to hire a car and we have been off the scene for awhile. Just a rough idea., Cheers

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We have a very old UK plated Fiesta, 14 years infact. . We have just swopped over lights, breaks sorted etc and it has now passed its ITV, green sticker on screen. Now we have been told we have to get spanish plates and pay an import duty. Its not worth zip to anyone apart from my husband, its low mileage and we know its history. Thats it. When we had a Rover done a couple of years ago apart from a trip to Alicante for something? we didnt pay anything. I am really reluctant to continue to pay out for something that may no be necessary.We now have a valid ITV and,fully comprehensive insurance isnt that enough? Any helpful input much appreciated. The coffers are empty.Thanks

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I've brought my UK car over and the Road Tax is due to expire on 31st May 12, I have got Spanish insurance and the MOT has got 11 months left. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get it taxed here (Camposol) please? Thanks

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Does anyone know if there is a shop similar to Halfords where I can buy car cleaning products like Simonize, AutoGlym, Mer, Back to Black, etc, etc. Live in the Mazarron area but can travel if further afield. Thanks in anticipation.

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Any bikers out there who can recommend an insurance company, just had a quote from Ibex for seven times the price i would pay in u.k, and my bike is only used for maximum of 6 weeks of the year! I was expecting the price to be slightly higher, but seven times as much?

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We have a Spanish car in Spain but due to illness to both of us, we have been unable to return since last July, we have a home in Playa grande , Puerto De mazarron, Murcia. I need to know who to contact regarding the m.o.t. and tax on the Renault Clio. It has been privately off the road since July 2011. I know it is in Cartagena, but I need to know who to contact regarding bills or payments needed re car. Sincerely, Joanna Koomen.

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For all those who travel on the Mazarron to Cartagena toll road price has now increased to€5.40. This is strange as there is very little traffic using this road because of the toll cost so now they increase the toll which will mean less traffic using it which means less money in the coffers can anyone understand their thinking.

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Hi all can someone help me I have a UK-EU licence I want to keep this licence, I belive I can but spanish law says I need to get a medical and register with the traffic authorities does anyone have any experience of this ie where and how I live on Camposol mazarron I belive there is a place in Mazarron any help would be nice Thanks Regards Mick

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Looking for nice companion for 1 or 2 days to explore the area between Alicante en Cartagena. I dont mind renting a car on my expense. I am used to driving on the continent, but I must admit I hate driving. Non-smoking! Valerie, 60 years, non-smoking, currently on holiday in Benidorm

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Hi wondered if anyone can help... I have a ford focus estate (year 2000) where the reverse and rear fog lights are on right hand side in a strip cluster along with indicator and brake and side lights.For the ITV, I believe for the reverse light is acceptable, but I am considering fitting a universal rear red fog light to the left hand side in addition to the one already on the car - will this type of light be suffice for the ITV ? Grateful for any advice if anyone has been in similar situation. Thanks for any help

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Does anyone have any experience of buying a used Spanish Registered car in the UK and taking it ti Spain? If so - how did you ensure there were no outstanding debts or finance on it? Thanks in advance Sue

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http://www.laopiniondemurcia.es/comunidad/2011/09/20/aena-hara-cargo-gestion-aeropuerto-corvera-cerrara-san-javier-civil/351621.html A. LÓPEZ Development Ministry and the Autonomous Community agree that the Region of Murcia can not have two civil airports only 35 miles apart yesterday and decided what is the method chosen to reach a solution satisfactory to both parties: Aena is made ​​to the management of Corvera in exchange for leaving San Javier only for military use. The announcement of this pathway did the Minister of Public Works, Antonio Sevilla, after a meeting with Secretary of State for Transport, Isaiah Táboas. After this meeting, Seville Aeromur contacted, the concessionaire of the ownership of the airport, so you immediately start negotiations on the details of the agreement with the Spanish Agency for Air Navigation. In recent weeks had speculated the possibility of financial compensation Aeromur Aena for the investment made ​​in building the second runway at San Javier, which opened earlier this year. Negotiations are about to begin will determine on what terms will be offset this investment. The Autonomous Community is convinced that is the best option. "If we have an airport that can operate 24 hours a day with great potential, it is logical that Aena management make it the largest airport operator in the world. This is a solution that can greatly benefit tourism interests in the region of Murcia and also those of Aena, which has limited its potential in San Javier, "said Sevilla. According to the Minister, agreed Taboas all times yesterday's meeting that the new Corvera facilities provide "greater opportunities and qualities, both for citizens and the airport operator." The Minister of Public Works made ​​clear that the community does not participate in the negotiations because they must be "both parties negotiate the agreement and aspects involving counterparts. " Seville does not rule out, however, that may be present at the talks if asked. The only condition is no longer clear is that the Autonomous Region Aena must maintain the commitments to workers in San Javier and its suppliers in the same conditions have now. All employees will be moved to Corvera, according to the condition imposed by the regional government and with your agreement the Ministry of Development, as Sevilla said. Neither the Ministry nor the autonomous region have set a deadline for reaching agreement, although Sevilla believe should be signed for when you finish work on the airport, which is scheduled for November. The Minister of Public Works explained that this draft agreement in principle reached yesterday began to take shape the same opening day of the second runway of the airport of San Javier, an infrastructure that had become a continuous demand over recent years.

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This may be an obvious question but here goes.....If I have a French registered, left hand drive car in Spain would I still have to have it matriculated and have the number plates changed as if it were a UK registered car? Many thanks Sue

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Jet2 has said it will start flights to Murcia's new international airport from November 2012 Directors from the low cost airline Jet2.com have confirmed, after visiting the new installations on Monday, that the airline will transfer over to Murcia’s new international airport at Corvera next year and will commence flight operations there from November 2012.The company’s managing director, Ian Doubtfire, indicated to Europa Press that the move will be delayed until after the summer peak season to cause as little disruption as possible to passengers.Jet2.com currently flies direct to Murcia from Belfast, Blackpool, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle. The original Europa Press story is here (in Spanish): http://www.europapress.es/murcia/noticia-jet2com-empezara-volar-aeropuerto-internacional-region-murcia-noviembre-2012-20111107165034.html English version: http://www.typicallyspanish.com/news/publish/article_32608.shtml

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Can anyone recommend the best place for car tyres/puncture repairs in the general mazarron area?

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Hi Does anyone know of an Autoglass repair service in the Mazarron/Cartagena area: My friend has just found a small chip in the windscreen of his new car and wants it repaired, either by taking it, or having someone who does home visits ? Thanks

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Does anyone have experience with a company called AVRGRUP who are advertising secondhand cars in San Pedro del Pinatar?They are apparently located in front of the Repsol garage, near Lidl.I am interested in a car they have for sale but they don't seem to exist on Street View- it's a long way to travel on a wild goose chase.....

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can anyone tell me if i can use a u.k. built trailer in spain. i have a spanish reg. car with a legal spanish towbar,the trailer i have has a weight capacity of 500kgs so it does not require a itv, i asked at the local police station,they said they think it is o.k. to use but i could not get a firm answer as it is legal or not. yours jim. mccormack

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