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Hi All, We require an accident repair centre to have my wifes car repaired after someone hit her. Our insurance just needs to know of one local so they can arrange to have it booked in. If anyone knows of one can you please let me know. Kev - Camposol

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Google Maps can now provide live traffic info for 13 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland. The service has been available in the US and UK for some time The live traffic info is updated every five to 10 minutes. The feature is also available on mobile devices with Google Maps: click here.

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does anyone know where we can the windows on our car tinted? Mazarron area preferred

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From 7 March 2011 the speed limit on all Autopista (motorways) across Spain is reduced from 120 Km/h to 110 Km/h in a fuel-saving measure. See INFOrmation page here: Driving in Spain Share this information with others by using the share facility on this page.

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Hello, Please can you advise me on buses in this region, ie are there many, regular, good prices etc. I will be moving in October, and won't be driving. Thank you Sparkle

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I'm thinking of replacing my car with a minibus, basically because I need something that can carry 2 mobility scooters and their occupants.Has anyone got any advice before I take the plunge....or indeed does anyone have one for sale?

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Can someone recommend a car air conditioning service in the camposol area please.

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Hi, i run a small family removal firm, running between UK - Spain, and in the next 12 months or sowe will be moving to the Valencia area and run the business from there.What i would like to know is, if anyone could help, is what is the van market is like out in Spain?.I understand the prices of vans are more expensive than they are in the UK, and as i need LHD vans to operate a business in Spain i'm looking at the extra cost involved.Also should know of a good van dealers, or someone who is selling there LHD Van in the next few months, please let me know.All the best, Steve.

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Hi,Can anyone tell me where I can get replacement tyres for my peugeot 406 HDI 2.2. The tyre dimensions are: R15 205/60 91V Radial XSE.I have been told about a garage in Mazarron town, at the back of the motor bike shop. Had a price from Euro Tyre Neumaticos Totana for E110 each !ThanksAnn

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Hello all, I am in the situation where I need to hire a self drive van to drive from England to Murcia around the 12th April. I need it for about 5 -6 days. Unfortunately all the companies I have tried have loads of vehicles in Spain but none over here available. It seems that half the population of the UK are moving over to Spain that week! Does anyone know of a company that might be able to assist me please? I need to bring a dog, a cat and my dad over so that is the reason I cannot fly or use a car and need a Luton type van. Any help greatly appreciated. :(

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I have recently moved to the Mazarron area from Cartagena and notified my insurance company. I have not notified the relevant taxation or vehicle registration authorities and would like to hear from anyone else who has had to deal with this - how do I go about this and where do I go?

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Well, you can't say that being a member of ADAPT is in any way boring. We have had an approach from the Emergency Services (Protection Civil) in San Pedro asking if members of ADAPT or others would be interested in taking part in an emergency practice at San Javier airport. Apparently once every two years they have to simulate a major air accident and go through all the emergency routines, which involve members of the military base and the emergency departments of surrounding towns. This year they want to emphasise particularly the role of psychologists and medics in dealing with distressed family members waiting at the airport for a plane's arrival. The airline involved in this exercise is Jet2, and in view of the fact that the majority of their passengers are British, they would like a large number of English speaking people to act as distressed relatives! The exercise is going to take place on Wednesday 6th April at 11 a.m. at the airport terminal. There will be a briefing meeting the previous day, Tuesday 5th April at San Pedro town hall at 1.30 p.m. Jane Cronin will be at that meeting to translate (but can't make the Wednesday practice) where the whole operation will be explained and you will be assigned fictitious family members who have been involved in the fictitious accident etc. Send us an e-mail if you would like to take part.

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Hi, I was wondering if I was to bring my RHD car over from the UK - would I be able to sell it pretty easily in Spain (Murcia)? Just wonder what the market is like for RHD cars! Thanks

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I read somewhere recently that it's illegal in Spain to perform u turns? can anyone tell me if this is true before I get in trouble for doing it?

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Anyone have any idea of where I can store the above for a few months. Not too far from Murcia Airport if possible and at a reasonable price

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Could anyone advise the approximate cost of changing a uk registered car onto a spanish registration.

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Hi all, Can anyone tell me if there is anywhere either in the Port or Mazarron town that hires out scooters short term? Many thanks in advance, CK

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Hi all, I am looking to find out how I would go about taking a Spanish registered & plated LHD car from Spain to the UK, I need to know about the tax, insurance, basically everything I would need to do in order to get the car from Spain to the UK legally and costs of doing so. We would be driving the car, not having it shipped. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am looking to sell the car in Spain, bringing the car back to the UK is plan B.

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I have been told there is a dealership for Range Rovers in Cartagena near the Kia showrooms. Does anyone have a name or contact number for them please?

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We got stopped by the Guardia this morning on the old Cartagena road, and our driver got fined for apparently speeding. They said he was doing 75kph in a 40 zone, fined him €400 and took 4 points.What was he driving? An ambulance!Take care, everyone....

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