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I am looking for a mobile mechanic, please message me with details-Thank You

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Desperately looking for a driver with own estate car or van required to help couple with dog relocate from Torrevieja to Malaga next week. Email she@thestyledragon.com / 965 703 596

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Can anyone recommend the best place to go in the Mazarron area to get the wheels balanced on my car?

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We have purchased a new LHD car in the UK and will be driving it to Spain at the beginning of September. It is UK registered and will be covered by an extension of our UK Insurance policy and the road tax will be paid as required. The plan is to leave it in Spain until it is due to be MOT'd in 3 years time. Our understanding is that this is OK as long as we are non residents and we use it for less than 6 months in any 12. At the end of the three years we will either re-register it to spanish plates or return it to the UK and get it MOT'd so as to keep it road legal. The one thing we are having trouble with is breakdown insurance. While our old car was in Spain for 7months last year it was covered by AA European cover plus which allows for up to 350 days cover. However, when I have tried to renew this cover they were very keen to point out that cover was only for up to 350 days and that this cover can only be renewed at a future date if the car is in the UK and that you will be starting a new trip - and that proof of outbound travel may be requested. I know that most Spanish car insurance includes breakdown cover but does anybody know if you cna buy this without buying insurance. I have looked up RACE which is the spanish equivalent of the AA but unfortunately the website is all in Spanish (as expected for a spanish company) and my spanish is just not good enought to ensure I am buying the right thing.

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Can anyone tell me whether I need my passport to travel to the UK via the Eurotunnel? I'm about to send it for renewal but can hold off if I need it for the tunnel.

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I'm looking for a good auto electrician to have a look at a few problems on an Alfa 156 - stereo works but nothing reaching the speakers from the amp and the onboard computer just has a blank screen. Email a reply or call 634 149 935.

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There's a new system to detect (and catch, and fine...) speeding motorists who are driving foreign-registered vehicles. Full details on AngloINFO's updated INFOrmation Page on Driving in Spain

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Can anyone give me an update on Corvera airport?

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Hi All, I am new here so apologies about posting question that many of you have probably seen thousands of times. I have searched the forum and other help pages and whilst they are very informative and helpful, my specific area is still vague and I am left very confused. (Not difficult) We are not resident in Spain, although we do own property (Condado de Alhama) so we do have NIEs. We are bringing a LHD car over with us next holiday, and want to leave it there. It has british plates at the moment so we would want to change those in the future. The confusing area comes with, do we have to be on the padron to register car? Can we be on the padron if we don't live there? If not, can we still register a car? What do we need? Thanks in advance for any help and advice, preferably in simple terms : ) June

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Hi All, The windscreen on my car has been broken and i need it replacing. I have never noticed anywhere that replaces them but until now have never needed one. Anyway my insurance company will pay for it after i have it repaired but i need to know where it can be done. Any help would be appreciated and i live on Camposol near Mazarron. Kev

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Can anyone tell me what are the rules for leaner drivers in Spain.My car is insured fully comprehensive and I want to give my daughter some driving lessens during her stay with me she is 29 and holds a European provisional licence from the uk.I have phoned the insurance company and they said if the police were happy they also would be.I do not want to get into trouble with the authorities.Any help please.

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Hiya Good news My car air/con was not working properly and needed re-gassing, a friend of mine recommended a guy who does mobile re-gassing at Camposol. He came to me, no need to travel and kill time while it gets done, he charges from €30.00, one of my mates payed €45 for the same at a garage, "I am a Happy Man".Thought I would pass it on. His name is Dave on 677 400 164

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Is it true that we are not allowed to fly our flags on our cars over the coming weeks for the world cup? We hear that you can receive a fine, it is true or another rumour?

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Hi can anyone advise as to getting a Right Hand Drive vehicle replated and reregistered?

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hi my car is rhd but on spanish plates. we live in campasol and wondered do we have to tax our car. if so where do we go, what docs do we need and should we take a translator

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We need to new tyres for our car, can anyone recommend a place they have used and found reasonable, in the Mazarron, Totana, Cartagena region.

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During the ash cloud crisis there were many families affected and delayed as you may be aware. My friends the Dicksons used jet2.com to travel. After days of calling and having no success in booking they were finally able to book their journey homeward bound. The closest date available to travel was 8 days after their original return and to Leeds/Bradford, their original destination was Manchester. On their return journey, Upon arrival at Murcia airport we decided to see if there was any possibility of changing their destination to Manchester and were told politely we cannot make any change, we are very sorry if we could change it we would. Upon check-in we overheard the assistant who was speaking to her superior regarding a closing flight and we very quickly realised that there were people missing from the flight to Manchester which was closing in seconds, promptly we returned to the jet2.com customer service desk and requested again that if there was any possibility at all could the flight be changed from Leeds/Bradford to Manchester as there was space available. We spoke to three more than helpful staff members Isabel Esteban, Barto Belchin and the overall manager Julie Munton, the high level of customer service they offered was commendable and refreshing in a world where staff members dare we say state "THE COMPUTER SAYS NO" approach and do not go the extra mile to make a difference, They went the extra mile and made a huge difference as a family travelling with two children under three is tricky at the best of times. We would highly recommend www.jet2.com for any of your travel needs because you get what you pay for, they put their customers needs first.

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Hi, we need back to the UK urgently. can anyone help - two adults and two children. willing to drive to a pick up point if that helps!

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Hope this isn't causing too much chaos for travellers: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/8621407.stm All flights in and out of the UK have been suspended as ash from a volcanic eruption in Iceland moves south.

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I was looking online to book flights back to the UK and noticed that Monarch are no longer flying into San Javier airport... doesn't bode well for the new International airport!

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