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I was looking online to book flights back to the UK and noticed that Monarch are no longer flying into San Javier airport... doesn't bode well for the new International airport!

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Hi all. Please can anyone give me any details of someone who does airport transfers (legal and insured) in a people carrier or similar - needs to hold 6 people (+ driver obviously!) I did have the number of someone called Graham Beavers - does anypone know if he is still doing this only no joy with the numbers I have.

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Seeking: Full-time salaried employment. Does anyone know who is recruiting staff for the new airport at Corvera? I am unable to find anything on line.

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Can anyone give me advice on the best dealerships in the Mazarron area for buying a second hand car? I need to buy a car quickly in May when I arrive in Spain and don't want to spend weeks trailing round loads of garages. Any advice gratefully received

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Can anyone tell me if there is a motor home dealer at Los Beatos? Also if there are any others not too far from Mazarron. Thanks.

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I have a 4x4 short wheel base on a 2001 UK plate its a 2.1 petrol engine good condition all round low millage moted till Aug 2010 and would like to exchange it for a smaller spanish reg car of about the same yr and value

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Is there a specific airport taxi service for San Javier or can anyone recommend who to use at a reasonable cost?

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2001, White 1.9 diesel van (D65) for sale, with tow bar, roof rack, new tires, ITV til July. Ladder hatch, recent service, air con, vgc. Euros - 1,795.00

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I wonder if anyone has any advice for me I done the correct thing in exhanging my UK licence for a Spanish one (it cost a total of 80€ - medical-photos-fee) at Trafico Cartagena . Was given a receipt and told the licencce would follow in the post, sure enough a temporary licence with a 3 month expiry followed, but no proper photo licence. Just before its 3 month expiry I went back to Trafico who assured me the proper licence had definitely been posted but would issue one more temporary (I gathered that only one more is issued - then what ?) . As the temporary is only valid in Spain i.e no good for Car Hire if in UK and the need to support it with a Passport at all times. As it has obviously been lost or stolen in the post, I assumed that to get a replacement I would need to formally report its loss, which the local Guardia Civil seemed to understand and issued the report/denuncia accordingly. But Trafico say NO they cannot issue a replacement until the date of the temporary has expired (2 months to go!) and knew that it will prevent me driving outside of Spain .( Perhaps the moral of the story is to continue as I had done for 3 years with an incorrect UK licence with 'no problemas'.)

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Can anyone recommend which Sat Nav software is best for use in Spain? Most up to date maps, ease of use, price if any for map updates etc. Thanks

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I hit a very nasty pothole last night - the front right wheel dug deep and bottomed the shocks.Steering seems ok and nothing else I can see but I am thinking for peace of mind to have it checked.Can anyone recommend a suitable garage qualifed to check suspension and steering?

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Has anyone used the Linea Directa online quotation system and compared it with their over the phone quotes or can anyone recommend another car insurance company? https://www.lineadirecta.com/LDAWeb/home/Home.faces

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I have moved from Mazarron, Murcia to Valencia (Alicante Province). Does anyone know the process for changing the registered address for my car please? Many thanks

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Has anyone been to one of these before? I would like to go along if it is like a motor show in the UK with flashy cars and loads of accessories and stuff, but not if it is mainly aimed at mechanics and the industry itself.

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Under an agreement undertaken by the regional authorities and transport companies, on Sunday 6, 13, 20 and 27 buses may be used freely throughout the Region of Murcia, as an encouragement for passengers to use the public transport service.

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we had our car changed over to spanish plates. we have now moved to nr mazarron and wondered if we needed to change our docs over to our new address, if so where do we go and if so do we need a translator as we dont speak spanish. also someone told me i do not need to pay yearly car tax is that correct and only get itv every 2 years

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I saw a large banner at the side of the road (it said airport parking or something) when travelling over to San Javier, it looks like there is a new airport parking service opening up. Does anyone know anything about this?

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We have a motor caravan and are looking for an insurance company to insure it in Spain. At a reasonable cost. Does anyone know a good company, because some of them will only insure cars. J&M

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I know that they were working on extending the tram out to Nueva Condomina and the FC Murcia football stadium and it was due to be ready for 2010, but does anyone know if this will still happen or has it been delayed or stopped?

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we are coming over next month can you recommend a good car hire company?

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