started by: Nathan-468011 · last update: 1255429061 · posted: 1251294918

Is there anyone here a member of the RACC breakdown service? I'm thinking of becoming a member but need to know if they provide a service in English. Also, are there any other breakdown services locally to compare them with?

started by: JazminesII · last update: 1254736702 · posted: 1254673182

Hi FolksHas anybody registered for the bike service just off the causeway in San Pedro del Pinatar? If yes, please can you tell me how to get up and running and how long it takes.We have some guests coming over in November and thought it would be nice it we could utilize this facility ;-))

started by: Jed-466294 · last update: 1253973202 · posted: 1253805697

My wife and I have always wanted to visit Portugal and have recently decided to drive there. Has anyone ever done this trip and can advise of any potential problems (border crossing, driving laws, motorway tolls etc)? Also, are there any must see tourist attractions around the Algarve area? Any tips or advice appreciated.

started by: oasis-463772 · last update: 1253851782 · posted: 1253460190

On Camposol near Mazarron someone has kindly dumped a uk reg Ford Escort. Red N709 DPP (tax ran out July 2009) can be found on Calle Tejos nr. D 23 and D17...... Would someone like to remove it.? Dumped about Thursday 17th Sept. 2009.Can anyone throw any light on this car.

started by: Pete-466777 · last update: 1253786663 · posted: 1253712746

Hi, we live in France but are currently touring Spain in our motor home. Can anyone recommend a dog friendly caravan park anywhere in the Murcia region? Don't mind what facilities etc as we just live a simple lifestyle.

started by: Campo-466585 · last update: 1253726470 · posted: 1253705122

Does anyone know roughly how much it will cost to park my car at Alicante airport for a week or is there anywhere secure/reliable nearby?

started by: weelynn · last update: 1253714937 · posted: 1253699437

Can someone please give me directions to the car boot at Canadas from the port? I've never been but have heard so much about it I thought I'd give it a try. Thanks.

started by: janemurf-462991 · last update: 1253543398 · posted: 1253543398

Two couples are looking for a lift to Cartagena on Wednesday evening to see the Roman/Cartagenian entertainment. I believe its the Circus on Wednesday. Does anyone know of a minicab service who would be willing to drop off and pick up? Thank you

started by: Biker-468540 · last update: 1253316931 · posted: 1252842876

Can anyone tell me the law on riding a motorcycle trike in spain e.g. do you have to wear a crash helmet, can you still drive it on a car licence. Do the same rules apply to both 'car engine' trikes and 'motorbike' engine trikes. Is it possible to register a Trike in Spain and also get an ITV or MOT in the 'Costas' areas. Biker

started by: Leslie-467204 · last update: 1253009676 · posted: 1252926666

Where's the best place to buy a Tom Tom navigator and will I be able to select the language?

started by: janemurf-462991 · last update: 1251727861 · posted: 1251727861

Stunning scooter Fire 50cc MTR - Never been on the road, on Spanish plates ready to ride away. Euros 950 or nearest offer. Call 968 199 505 or 636 092 580.

started by: Barry-465673 · last update: 1250936365 · posted: 1249994766

Hi, I'm heading over from the UK for a two month visit based in Totana and was wondering if there is anywhere local I could hire a moped/scooter for pottering about on?

started by: mac33 · last update: 1250871474 · posted: 1250676569

I am looking for a scrap dealer or a second-hand parts shop, or even a pattern parts place. I can find main dealers but the parts are expensive. Preferrably not too far from the Mar Menor.

started by: James-464769 · last update: 1250589295 · posted: 1250589295

Can anyone recommend an insurer who would consider coverage for a quad bike?

started by: Anthony27 · last update: 1250352877 · posted: 1249905679

I am looking for advice. I am not sure whether to bring my own car over (right hand drive) or sell it in the UK and buy one in Spain. I love my car - BMW 5 series about three years old and would want something similar if I don't bring it over. The question is how much paperwork is involved, how much will it cost and how difficult is it to drive my car on the right hand side of the road?

started by: buzcraw-468277 · last update: 1249382559 · posted: 1249338822

Hi Everybody Just a few daft questions Thinking of buying a small bike 49cc or less Can I drive on my british driving licence? Does it need ITV? Is there a motorbike that does not need insurance? if not roughly how much would it cost to insure a 49cc motobike? Do they need road Tax? Ideally I am trying to run a low powered motorbike on a low powered budged? or should I just get a donkey off one of the locals, might be easier as Im not in a hurry Thanks in anticipation of your eager replies Barry B

started by: philox · last update: 1249034007 · posted: 1248963182

Can someone advice me as to whether I need to get a certificate of conformity for a UK registered Scooter which I wish to bring to Spain and put on Spanish Plates? The Scooter is four years old 100cc and would need an ITV. Regards Phil

started by: Katy-468269 · last update: 1248645336 · posted: 1248548260

Hi, I need a Yamaha 650 transported back to the UK around the 28th Aug to 4th Sept, from Mazarron to Manchester. Can anyone help? Regards Kate

started by: dicdandoo-463925 · last update: 1248475748 · posted: 1248445604

Does anyone know the laws regarding towing a trailer?

started by: oasis-463772 · last update: 1247738076 · posted: 1247685984

Best route so far is the RM3 join the RM2 at the large Alhama Roundabout ( towards the A30,) then continue to wards Los Alcazaros, and airport. or join the A30 to Cartagena.

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