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We are coming over to Spain at the end of July for 2 weeks and I am horrified at the prices for car hire from the usual suspects (Carjet, SolMar etc etc). Either you cannot get a car or they are about €500 - over double what we normally pay!. Can anyone recommend a local car hire company. Any ideas will be gratefully received. We need to sort this out urgently. Many thanks in advance. Mo

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Does anyone know of car breakers in the Costa Calida area that might be able to supply R.H. dip headlights for Honda Accord English reg. car which I want to register on Spanish Plates. Phil

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Has anyone ever flown out of this airport? I know that the car parking is currently free, but are you able to get a space easily?

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We received the following correspondence from Rachael and she has agreed that we publish it on the forum for the benefit of others. This her personal experience of taking the Spanish Driving test. I read recently a very interesting account about passing your driving test in one of our local free magazines and again here on line. And thought I would just send you a little note to say I have indeed gone through the process here in Spain myself and thought I would update you on what happened in my experience. I was able to do all the driving experience with a driving instructor from a school in Totana and she spoke perfect English so that was great. I then passed my theory exam first time round and the exam was all in English, this has to be specified previous to the exam date so that they can get a copy in English. I did this exam at the Lorca centre and at the same time a man took his theory in French. So I am led to believe there are other languages that the test can be taken in…. but must be specified and confirmed by traffico before hand. And then for my practical exam I failed the first time as I was told it would be in English and that if the examiner did not speak English my instructor would translate. However, on this day we did have a somewhat funny man who first agreed that he would speak English and if not would allow my instructor to translate. He however decided to change his mind once seated in the car and spoke only in Spanish and refused my instructor to translate! I ended up having a couple of minor faults and failed due to this. My Spanish is far from great! However, my instructor said afterwards that this was a bad man as you can take your exam in English it is allowed all the time for the translator to translate and the fact that I only had 2 small points another examiner would have passed me. She said she has never had a problem before with someone refusing her to translate. Never mind, I retook my test today with another examiner. He spoke simple English to me and when he said right and meant left my instructor was soon to correct him. So everything went perfect and I passed with no faults. Which I am obviously very pleased about. So I just thought I would let you know that for definite (In Lorca or Murcia test centres) you can take your theory test in English among other languages. All the material and exam questions from the driving school to practice are also in English and you get a copy of the highway code in English also you can practice exam questions online in English. So this is great news to let others know as obviously thinking you have to pass theory in Spanish would put many people off, it certainly would have me. Many thanks Rachael

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We have friends that recently moved to Girona and thought it would be nice to drive up to visit them for the weekend. Has anyone driven this far before and is there anything I need to be aware of?

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We have just been sent a reminder that our ITV is due on the 6th June - I read somewhere that you don't have to have it done on that day but sometime during the month the itv is due, is this correct?

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My wife is disabled and has just received her blue badge from the local (Mazarron) council. Does anyone know if she can claim exemption from paying the annual car tax as was the case in the UK?

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I have just bought a second hand car from a dealer and now have the ITV certificate and other documents to verify me as the owner. How would I recognise car tax documents? Do cars here normally come with a road tax disc like they would in the UK?

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I have received my road tax bill.My bank (Banco Halifax Hispania) is not listed as one of the paying in banks.So - if i take it to one of the banks on Camposol will they charge for this? and someone said to me they sometimes only accept payments like this at certain hours.Can anyone advise please?thank you

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Bicycle Repair Shop in Pto de Mazarron, Mazarron Town or Totana - does anyone know of somewhere I can get my bike fixed, please?

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Can anyone tell me if it's possible to get either a bus or train to Lorca? I can travel to Murcia or Cartagena if need be.

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I have a friend that has just moved to Spain and he would like to hire a car for two or three months until he gets everything sorted and will then buy a car. Can anyone recommend a good, reliable car hire company with reasonable rates?

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Hi Can anyone help? My son is 17 and has just taken his British driving test. He is coming to live with us here in Spain. I have heard a rumour that although he has a British driving licence and a valid EU licence, he will not be able to drive here until he is 18. Is this correct? Surely not. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks

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How long does it generally take to swap your UK license over to a Spanish one and where do you get it done?

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Has anyone had any experiance of leasing a car while living in Spain, Mazarron area in particular? We are moving out full time in a few months and rather than buying a car wer are thinking about leasing one instead! Any info greatly appreciated!?! Many thanks Sue

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Unfortunately our Rover finally packed up on us for the last time. Having spent over Euros 1000 to swop over to Spanish plates only 8 months ago, such is life. However, I just wondered if anyone would be interested in any of the parts for spares? It was put through its MOT in February and had new tyres fitted and a new battery. Battery cost Euros 100 in February from Nissan in Mazarron - would accept Euros 50 New Tyres Euros 360 would accept Euros 150 ono Spanish headlights cost Euros 300 would accept Euros 150 the pair ono Read head lights open to offers English headlights Euros 100 the pair - oepn to offers Please contact Mark 644 135 250

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I heard something about a car that doesn't need a license, can anyone enlighten me?

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Is there any easy way of finding your way around either Cartagena or Murcia cities? As per my previous thread on entertaining a friend, I want to try some of the tourist attractions but wondered if there is an easy way to find where they all are or do you just have to take a street map and work from there?

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Is there such a thing as a Spanish version of Halfords or somewhere you can buy various extras for your car?

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could anybody give me direction for the nearest itv centre we live in mazarron areadiane dalley

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