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I usually take my car to the garage at El Paraton, Mazarron area , where David the mechanic works, But was surprised to find out he has left. I have managed to track down his tel number, if any one is interested. e.mail me direct.

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I heard that people in Mazarron who hold a disabled parking card have to have it renewed. Can anyone confirm if this is true?

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does anyone know of any English speaking Driving Instructors that can put my son through his test?

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I am buying a new car and was wondering if anyone could recommend a car insurance company?

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When is it necessary to have a medical re car licence. is it 5 years since issue, or does age come into it for e.g. if you are 60 or 65years old do you have to have a medical irrespective of how long you have had the licence? Is there a charge for this...silly question I supose. I do know that you must have a medical certificate weather you have a UK Licence or Spanish licence.

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When your vehicle ITV is up for renewal, do you get a reminder through the post like you did in the UK?

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We need a volunteer with a trailer or a van large enough to collect furniture. Please contact us if you can help.   Noah's Arc - rescuing sick, injured and badly treated animalsRegistered Animal Charity

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Yesterday morning the Guadia Civil were giving parking tickets for illegally parked vehicles that were parked on the main through on Sector B by the commercial centre. So dont be tempted.

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We currently have car insurance with Linea Directa, although seems quite competitive, was wondering if there were any other companies I could try this year, as our insurance is due for renewal early November.

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Does anyone know of anywhere cheap but good to get new tyres, that speaks english ... thanks

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Although the cost of a barrel of the black stuff cost under a $100 now - the petrol stations have not bought their prices down. The goverment must be concerned they have a website now that tells you the cheapest place to buy Petrol in your postcode area. But wait ---- Carrefour in Cartagena at the "out of town centre" (which is about to grow enormously!) is offering 10% off fuel for store loyalty card holders who spend over €30 in store - that make petrol there €1.008 a litre a saving of €7 for the average saloon over local prices. So if your heading there - run it into the red and fill up there!

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Has anyone bought a second hand car privately whilst living over here? How easy is it to sort the paperwork and who pays for the transfer?

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Fancy something new, try a trip out to the Guns on a Harley Davidson, or destination of your choice, great fun, great way to see the countryside. the trip to the guns is approx 3 hour tour and costs approx 40euros. Great Birthday gift. Can be found on Camposol B, or you can contact Merv 676333369 for further details, also enquire about the childrens rides for 5 euro including photo. Great Fun,

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Can anyone tell me when the garage opens again. Been a couple of times recently and its all locked up. Will I have to wait till September?

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If you do and you were parked outside Trade Wise Cash & Carry on the old N332 then Shane who does the Car Talk column for the Round Town News would love to write a piece about your car. He is on 620 754 616.

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Thought it might be useful to mention what folks are paying for their fuel now prices are starting to fall that way we can get the best deal locally. To start off Galp on Camposol are charging 1.181 for petrol 95 and 1.204 for diesel.

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I am changing my car and was wondering if the regional car tax rates work in the same way as in the UK. Does a larger inefficient vehicle get hammered? Could someone post the latest tax rates?

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Need to move some furniture from A to B, would only take a day. Anyone out there with a clean van I could borrow?

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I'm looking for a couple of small cars at the moment, aside from the online services can anyone recommend any other sources/garages/dealers for second-hand cars local to Mazarron. thanks

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Can anyone tell me where I can find the calendar of events for the speed circuit at Cartagena?? I have checked their website and nothing is coming up?

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