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Can anyone tell me where I can find the calendar of events for the speed circuit at Cartagena?? I have checked their website and nothing is coming up?

started by: sandy-464151 · last update: 1217162076 · posted: 1217159132

Am trying to find a way of getting to San Javier airport and back (same day), fairly easily. Does anyone know of a good way to do this? Am looking at bus services and it is not looking promising. How much do taxi´s cost? Is there anyone who could help for a fee?

started by: Shepherd-463678 · last update: 1216740446 · posted: 1216659146

I'm looking to install Sat Nav in my car but I'm not sure which company to go with. I have looked at Tom Tom, Garmin or even Nokia - they all claim to have detailed maps but from my UK experience some companies are more up to date with new roads than others. Can anyone recommend one or tell me of their experiences.

started by: silvertabbies · last update: 1216635587 · posted: 1216634314

I have heard once you become resident you should register your uk driving licence with Trafico. Is this true? Can anyone provide more info and if so how the procedure goes. And do I need a spanish medical to continue driving on a uk licence? Also has anyone information on how to change uk driving licence for a spanish one?

started by: Slinky-463569 · last update: 1216392154 · posted: 1216046450

Does anyone know if there are any second hand bicycle shops in or near Los Alcazares?

started by: phil123-463873 · last update: 1216039034 · posted: 1215987357

I will be buying a second hand car soon but how much is the road tax and how is it graded - is it by engine size or pollution levels? If I but privately what other costs will I have to pay apart from road tax and car insurance - who pays for re-registering the car and how much does it cost?

started by: phil123-463873 · last update: 1215733742 · posted: 1212487114

Can you tell me if it is easy to drive a British car in Spain. Is the insurance high and are there many problems with it. People have told me that toll barriers and car park barriers cause problems as the driver is on the wrong side for payment. I don't want to sell my car but is it worth bringing over

started by: malpasboy-462997 · last update: 1215601071 · posted: 1215601071

Can anyone tell me how they work out the charges when you swop over registration of a vehicle?

started by: cathie-463016 · last update: 1215546816 · posted: 1199806991

At the moment our car British car is on UK insurance and we now want to register it here in Spain. It has 8 months left on the MOT. The question is can we register it with the English MOT or do we have to go through the a Spanish equivalent before we can register?

started by: bigDon · last update: 1215008314 · posted: 1215008314

Can anyone recommend a good, second hand motorcycle dealer within the Costa Calida? I'm interested in a second hand BMW F650GS. I know there is a list of dealers on this site but was hoping for a personal recommendation from someone.

started by: newport-463004 · last update: 1214911126 · posted: 1214752213

Can anyone give me a clear definition of what documentation I should have with me in the car at all times, incase I either get stopped or I am in an accident. Everyone has their own interpretation of the law on this one.

started by: madmax-462999 · last update: 1214654671 · posted: 1214654671

Does anyone know how they work out the tax you pay when you swop over ownership of a vehicle and also where you go in Mazarron to do it? Is it on engine size, or value of the vehicle and who pays? me, the present owner or do you split it?

started by: bigDon · last update: 1214507699 · posted: 1214400703

Does anyone have any tips on how to remove a small scrape from my car bumper? I came out of a car park today to find that someone has grazed my rear bumper. As the car's not that old, it's quite noticeable as you approach the car.

started by: Shepherd-463678 · last update: 1214494637 · posted: 1214494637

I've just read an article about a new police vehicle (Multacar) that has been introduced in Murcia City and they have issued 584 traffic fines in seven days. Seems the vehicle has cameras mounted on it that for example catch people double parking or using bus lanes and they issue fines of up to 150 Euros and they don't need to actually stop you or leave a ticket on the car - be careful out there.

started by: Freda2462 · last update: 1213876613 · posted: 1211531248

We have some friends over early July and they are keen to hire bikes whilst they are over, does anyone know of a bike hire place Mazarron area? I would imagine I would have to pre-book for that time of year? Any advice please.

started by: janemurf-462991 · last update: 1213539130 · posted: 1213016488

A word of warning. I have just ready that the law enforcement in the Murcia region and continuing their intensive campaign until 15th of this month. This year they are concentrating on the hours between 2pm and 6pm. So no more afternoon tipples if you are driving, its a serious offence, fines from €300 plus points off your licence and possible prison sentences.

started by: JAC-463921 · last update: 1213538851 · posted: 1213434477

Does anyone know of any classic bike clubs in the area? We need the information to help register the bike as an historic vehicle. Contact details are needed. Any info especially from someone who has gone through the process of re-registering their bike would be appreciated. JAC

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Is anyone else having difficulty in getting petrol yet?

started by: janemurf-462991 · last update: 1213011562 · posted: 1212832506

The Murcia regional government are giving subsidies for people buying eco friendly motorcycles. They are powered by a mixture of electricity and petrol. You can get upto 15% off the price. How you apply is a different matter, I suppose the dealers would or should know about it. You have until the end of September to request the subsidy.

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Can anyone tell me if there is any speedway tracks in Murcia??

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