ADAPT and the children of The Sahara

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How have we been coping with the heatwave this Summer? It´s very difficult, but then imagine living in the Sahara desert where the temperature reaches 55 degrees and you are forced to stay under cover because of the burning heat, the flies and the sand which blows in your eyes, ears, nose and mouth causing infections. ´ Vacaciones en Paz ´ arranges every Summer to bring children to Spain for a little respite and San Pedro del Pinatar welcomed 4 of the children who come each year to stay with their foster families. ADAPT Association are proud to support them and this year ADAPT members have raised and donated 2.000 euros for the organisation. Some of the children have been coming for a number of years and they told us that although they miss their families while they are here, they enjoy their holiday very much. This Summer they have been to the countryside, to camps and to the fairground. They like Spanish food, have made friends with Spanish children and all love music. The older children said that they would like to study and become doctors or teachers. We had a lovely time when we met up at San Pedro Marina with Nuria Mesa, the local co-ordinator from Vacaciones en Paz, the foster families and of course the Saharaui children who were delighted to receive goody bags from the members of ADAPT. Meetings of ADAPT resume at 10:30 on September 1st at the Hogar de Pensionistas, San Pedro del Pinatar and on the 1st Saturday of each month following. New members are welcome. We have a number of very interesting speakers for the near future and information about clubs and projects for 2013. For more information see our website or telephone Enid Winskill 996 189 402.


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