Bono Libro and Child benefit

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Just to clarify some info given in another posting. The Bono Libro is a sort of book token worth 100€ provided by the Murcia regional govt to children going into Primary 1,2,3 and 4 this year and I think Secondary 1 and 2 ( though someone else might be able to confirm this). Presumably other Communidades have something similar. There's a very simple form to fill in. Closing date- end of term. You redeem the voucher in the school if you buy the books there or look out for the places which accept it. Pretty much everywhere. There's also a grant available for the years not covered by the Bono Libro. The school should inform. It's a longer form to fill in and the child needs a bank account in their own name into which the money is paid. This isn't available for everyone. There are some criteria which decide who gets it. No idea what they are. As for child benefit, it doesn't exist in the form we know it. You can apply for what's called a loan. It depends, I think, on being a low earner - less than 10 000€ per annum. I'm not sure what you do if you don't earn anything. We applied (with some difficulty and I speak good Spanish!) and have received one payment of approx 300€ for 6 months for 2 kids. Hopefully we'll get 2nd equal payment mid-July and then at some point I'll have to go and prove my low earnings status again before the next payment. I believe there have been changes, improvements recently to benefits which autonomos can receive. For example, I think the maternity cover has been doubled from 300 € to 600€. Maybe not what we're used to but an beggars can't be choosers, so to speak!!!


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The Bono Libra seems to very from school to school, as does the grant. At my sons school in El Pareton, you were able to claim up to 3rd eso. But a school in Totana recently announced that you could claim for 4th eso for last year, so there must be a surplus. There is a lot of info on the Ministry of Education website for Murcia - although it is all in Spanish.

When I recently looked into child benefit on the social security website I was unable to claim anything as we only have one child!!

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Thanks for this information and the link. We are moving to the region at the end of July so very useful to know about.

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