British Consulate leaflet on domestic violence

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The British Consulate and the Deputy Delegate's Office in Alicante join efforts in fight against domestic violence The Government Deputy Delegate, Encarna Llinares, and the British Consul in Alicante, Paul Rodwell, met this morning and were joined by the Head of the Civil Guard in Alicante, Colonel Antonio Castro, and the Superintendent of the National Police, Juan Manuel Juárez. Both Ms Llinares and Mr Rodwell highlighted the close collaboration and understanding existing between both institutions, "essential in a first-rate tourist destination for British nationals such as Alicante". The Deputy Delegate informed the Consul on the "positive public safety results for the past years in the Alicante province, where the crime rate has decreased by 22.1% since 2003". The British Consul in Alicante stressed the "relevance of security" and congratulated the State Security Forces and Bodies –both the Civil Guard and the National Police Force- for their work and "for achieving these results". Mr Rodwell also highlighted the joint involvement of the Consulate and the Government Deputy Delegate Office in the fight against domestic violence. In this regard, "the Consulate has published a leaflet, which includes the support channels and existing resources in the province. It is aimed at women who are victims of abuse and any other individuals who want to report an assault. The Spanish Police Forces will help to disseminate the leaflet". This leaflet also includes key telephone numbers, such as 016 to contact the national helpline for victims of domestic violence, offering professional advice on support and services, or the Civil Guard 062, the National Police 091, the Emergency Helpline 112 and other addresses of interest, such as those of the Crime Victims Assistance Offices. The details of the British Consulate itself can also be found in the leaflet, since it also offers assistance and support to British nationals. British Consul, Paul Rodwell said: "Domestic violence is unacceptable. We all need to join efforts in order to stop the scourge of domestic violence and provide the available resources for partners who are victims of abuse".


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