HELP MMM’s Nappy Run Makes Babies Happy

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On 4th April Joan Mitchell and Brian Dale carried out a Nappy Run, when 23 packets of nappies were purchased at a cost of €163. No, they haven’t got a lot of children or grandchildren; they were buying nappies to donate to needy Spanish families in the San Pedro area. These Nappy Runs take place several times a year when the nappies are handed over to the Samaritanos charity at the ADAPT meetings. The money to pay for the nappies is raised by holding a raffle every month at HELP Murcia Mar Menor’s monthly general meeting, and when a sizeable sum has accumulated, Joan and Brian astonish shoppers by filling up a large trolley completely with nappies. The nappies were donated at ADAPT’s meeting on Saturday 7th April. The Samaritanos assisted 50 needy families in San Pedro last year and that has risen to 80 this year. In these difficult economic times HELP Murcia Mar Menor endeavors to assist where they can. They are also collecting food from members and the public in general to donate to people in dire straits in other areas in the Mar Menor. This can be donated at general meetings or brought into HELP’s office and should be tinned or packet basic foods of the type that Spanish people use. We aim to HELP people of all ages by providing - Mobility Equipment, Hospital Visiting, Information on Living in Spain, Support Groups, Interpreter details, Assisting other Charities. Tel 968 570 059.


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