Lego Duplo

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Can anyone tell me where I can buy Lego Duplo please? I'm starting my christmas shopping early.


dicky mint-466034 1255440935

ToysRus, Parque Mediterrano, Cartagena, a couple doors away from Decathalon for your trampoline

BonBon-468545 1255524397

Can you tell me how to get there from Fuente Alamo direction? I'm fairly new here so don't know my way around yet.

weelynn 1255618729

Hi, there's a maps section on this site (down the left hand side) that allows you to get directions to where you want to go. I've used it a lot to help find my way around.

This will show you how to get there,ES&daddr=Parque%20Mediterrano,Cartagena,ES

BonBon-468545 1255688302

Thats great, thanks for the link.

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